'We'd like to apologize': Hoda reveals to Al if she's ever actually buzzed on the show

Hoda creates a turkey-ham croissant, smothered in her "special sauce," while revealing TODAY show secrets and her biggest on-air flub.

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/ Source: TODAY
By Emi Boscamp

In the fourth installment of Al Roker's new, original series "COLD CUTS," Al welcomes a longtime friend and colleague: Hoda Kotb, co-host of the 8 o'clock hour of the TODAY show and the 10 o'clock hour with Kathie Lee Gifford. But, of course, her most treasured role is being a devoted mother to Haley Joy.

Hoda makes a turkey-ham croissant sandwich smothered in her "special sauce" (which she makes herself ... and proceeds to eat it by the spoonful), topped with plenty of potato chips, all while revealing whether she and Kathie Lee actually get buzzed on the show, her early career struggles — including biggest on-air flub! — and how appreciative she is to be a mother at the age of 53.

Al is piling on the meats and piling on the questions ... and spilling some of his own secrets, too!

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Grab yourself a glass of wine to sip with Hoda's sandwich: