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Hoda and Jenna try mac and cheese ice cream — and Hoda is not a fan

The coveted ice cream collaboration between Kraft and Van Leeuwen sold out within hours.
/ Source: TODAY

The newly-released mac and cheese ice cream has made a believer out of Jenna Bush Hager.

Jenna and Hoda Kotb dipped their spoons into the polarizing ice cream flavor on TODAY Friday, sampling the sweet-and-savory treat concocted by Kraft and Brooklyn-based Van Leeuwen Ice Cream that has had people alternately salivating and repressing their gag reflex at the thought of it.

"This is as if two of my favorite things had a baby — mac and cheese and ice cream," Jenna said. "And Hoda's looking a little worried."

"Cheese ice cream?" Hoda said.

They ultimately came down on either side of the debate over whether it's a beautiful melding of two favorites or a Frankenstein ice cream monster.

"It tastes just like mac and cheese frozen," Hoda said. "It's salty. It's like salty ice cream."

Would you try a scoop of mac and cheese ice cream?
Would you try a scoop of mac and cheese ice cream? Kraft

"But I think it's good!" Jenna said before adding that it reminds her of her kids' dinner.

Hoda pushed her bowl away, while Jenna went back for seconds.

"I don't think it's gross," Jenna said. "In fact, I'm gonna go back for a little more."

"It's just not ringing my bell," Hoda said. "I like chocolate and caramel stuff."

"The aftertaste is what kinda kicks ya," Jenna said.

The limited-edition ice cream was in such demand upon its release on National Macaroni & Cheese Day on Wednesday that Kraft said it crashed the servers on its website before it sold out by the end of the day.

"I bet you people are going to eat that up, if you like mac and cheese," Hoda correctly predicted.

Cheese ice cream is not a new thing, as members of the Filipino community quickly pointed out in the wake of the release of the Kraft-Van Leeuwen creation.

"I see that people are mad about kraft mac and cheese ice cream, but hear me out: cheese ice cream slaps," Filipino American food writer Bettina Makalintal tweeted.

"Filipinos have long known the truth: Processed cheese is good, and in ice cream, it’s even better," Makalintal wrote for Vice. "We turn bright orange cheese into perfectly balanced queso ice cream."

"Everyone freaking out about how kraft’s Mac and cheese ice cream being good clearly hasn’t had Filipino ice cream," another person tweeted.

The Kraft ice cream, or at least the idea of it, considering so few people got their hands on it, induced more of a mixed reaction.

"No! Don't mess with boxed mac and cheese. Or ice cream. Both are perfect as is. Separately," one person tweeted.

"Mac and cheese ice cream vendor is in my neighborhood and i can confirm it is actually good !" New York-based reporter Isabel Keane tweeted.

"So there's mac and cheese flavored ice cream now. I think I'll stick with vanilla," tweeted another person.