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Hoda mixed up Al's birthday — and she and Haley Joy surprised him with a cake

Hoda and Haley Joy baked up a surprise that Al certainly didn't see coming!
/ Source: TODAY

It’s a cake mix-up for the ages — but not the aged!

Over the weekend, Hoda Kotb and daughter Haley Joy, 3, made Al Roker a cake to celebrate his birthday. That’s as sweet as frosting, right? Well, not quite — because Al’s birthday is actually in August.

Happy birthday, Al — four months late, or eight months early!
Happy birthday, Al — four months late, or eight months early!TODAY

“I’m making you a cake, Al Roker. I love you. Bye,” Haley said in a video before she told her mother she was whipping him up a chocolate cake “because it’s Al Roker’s birthday.”

So, what exactly happened?

Hoda said there’s an internal TODAY newsletter that accidentally said Al’s birthday is Dec. 12, which inspired the well-intentioned cake mistake.

“I’ve been laughing all weekend,” Hoda told Al Monday on TODAY.

Hoda and Haley, along with Hoda’s other daughter, Hope, even put on birthday hats and jumped on a Zoom call to celebrate with a perplexed Al.

“I laughed ‘cause you looked at us when we were doing the Zoom like, ‘What are you talking about?’” Hoda said.

Al said he and wife Deborah Roberts were in their car and totally confused.

“I didn’t want to burst the kids’ bubble. They had done such a lovely job,” he said.

“It’s the thought that counts,” Savannah Guthrie said.

“Al, you are loved, baby,” Hoda joked.

Hoda further explained the error Monday on TODAY with Hoda & Jenna.

"You know what's so weird? I know Al's birthday's in August," she said.

"I'm one of those people, if you told me your birthday was tomorrow, I'd be like, 'When is your birthday?'" she added.