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'Bucket of pickles': Mom bloggers' hilarious Costco shopping list is spot-on

Don't forget the chicken salad! So, so much chicken salad.
/ Source: TODAY

Costco is a truly magical land where 15-pound boxes of detergent are stacked in sky-high towers, potatoes come in 20-pound sacks and a meal can always be made with free dumplings, mini sausages and any other toothpick-impaled foods on the floor.

Walking out with way too much stuff that will never get eaten or used is often inevitable — and a truth that many big box shoppers know all too well.

That's why a tongue-in-cheek Costco shopping list posted by two moms is going viral — and cracking up the internet. Now, people all over the country have chimed in with all of the silly, and very unnecessary, things they've been sucked into buying at Costco: from random foods to odd sporting gear.

Comidienne Jen Smedley, who is one half of the comedy duo behind I Mom So Hard, posted a totally relatable Costco shopping list to Instagram on Sunday: "Headed to the Costco tomorrow and just trying to keep it real. What I need vs what I get... oh boy. What am I forgetting?"

The post now has over 8,000 likes and hundreds of comments from people who shared many more funny additions to the shopping list.

"I was honestly working on my Costco list, trying to decide if I would go the next day or send my husband," Smedley told TODAY Food. "We both always think the other one comes back with hundreds of dollars in ridiculous, unnecessary items.

"We go with the intent of saving money by buying a gross of individual potato chip bags, and end up blowing money on individual guacamole servings and barrels of peanut butter that it takes years to go through."

Wine was prominently featured on Smedley's list three times as "wine," "wine with a handle," and "wine in a box." Instagrammer @mylifewithlucas recommended adding a "giant bottle of 10,000 generic Advil for the massive cheap wine same-day hangover!"

Another important item on Smedley's shopping list was chicken in several different forms: plain old "chicken," plus a "box of chicken nuggets 6 feet too wide for my freezer" and "so much chicken salad, so so much."

Costco's chicken salad is only sold in huge containers, so many fans agreed that it was totally necessary despite its enormous size. Instagrammer @lfparentI wrote that she "could eat that chicken salad all day, where's my fork?"

Chicken Salad

Chicken Salad

Kristin Kirkpatrick

Several people remarked that they, too, had bought a "50lb [sic] bag of trail mix that will never get eaten." Instagrammer @nicolemariek16 wrote, "I have that same trail mix my kid swore she'd eat way back in like January. It's currently sitting on my dining room table, unopened, taunting me." Another person @lilmissscienceI offered to share hers: "could send you my Costco bad of trail mix to save you the trouble..."

Of course, there's more than just food at the superstore. Electronics ("Extra TV"), camping gear ("Tent?"), toiletries ("Magnum of Head n Shoulders for my bae") and more randomness ("6 pack of John Grisham books, just because") also made the original list.

"My husband bought us matching skateboards once," Smedley told TODAY Food. "I bought him a bulk pack of Liz Claiborne readers, they were women's, but they were such a good deal."

And yes, he actually wears them, Smedley said, adding that the "blue ones make his eyes pop."

Fans also suggested their own oddball items like kayaks, a blow-up paddle board and a coffin. Yes, Costco sells coffins.

Smedley said she has been "totally surprised" by the many responses to her shopping list: "I thought we were the only ones who were terrible at shopping. But there's one thing we're all in agreement about: they get you with those samples. You shop hungry, and you end up buying 3 pounds of dried apricots."