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You can now buy a mini keg filled with ranch dressing

We're betting guests will eat their broccoli if you serve it alongside this keg of ranch dressing.
/ Source: Today

Oh, the poor veggie tray at a holiday party — I mean, who really wants to snack on raw broccoli?

Now, picture a keg of ranch dressing next to it: Those raw veggies are suddenly way more appealing, aren't they?

That's the idea, we suppose, behind Hidden Valley Ranch's latest invention: the Mini Ranch Keg, which starts shipping Dec. 1. It's $50 and includes a year's supply of ranch dressing.

Ranch keg
This 9-by-6 inch keg of ranch dressing is the latest wacky party trick from Hidden Valley Ranch.Hidden Valley Ranch

As the name implies, the mini keg is not frat-house sized — it's 9 by 6 inches, so you can easily store it in the fridge, to keep ranch on tap, we guess.

It arrives empty, but comes with 12 bottles of ranch that you can fill it with, on an as-needed basis. "We want to ensure the ranch is as fresh as possible so people can fill their kegs when they are ready for their parties," a spokesperson (very seriously) told TODAY Food.

This isn't Hidden's Valley's first party trick: Earlier this year, the company unveiled a ranch fountain. For the holidays, it's back again, this time with a green "tree skirt" accessory, adorned with snowmen and bottles of ranch. It holds two pounds of dressing and goes for $110, including a year's supply of ranch.

Ranch fountain
Hidden Valley's ranch fountain is back for the holidays--this time, with a tree skirt.Hidden Valley Ranch

Oh, and in case your condiment-themed holiday wardrobe options are lacking, the company is also hawking a "Not Your Ugly Christmas Sweater," for $40, as well as "Ranch Statement Socks," for $12.

Ranch holiday sweater
You can even match your appetizer spread with this ugly holiday sweater from Hidden Valley.Hidden Valley Ranch

Whether or not you succumb to the keg or fountain, consider trying your hand at making your own homemade ranch this year (we have to admit, all this talk has us craving the cool, creamy dressing). A couple of our faves: this avocado version or a dill-buttermilk one.