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Here's where you can find the cheapest LaCroix sparkling water (it's not at Costco!)

Satisfy your sparking water fix on the cheap at these top retailers.
/ Source: TODAY

Love LaCroix? You're obviously not alone since the fizzy drink has sky-rocketed in popularity over the past few years as soda lovers seek out less sugary sips.

But if your hourly craving for sparkling water is putting a dent in your grocery budget, it might be time to start seeking out some cheaper packs. Surprisingly, the big box stores may not always offer the best deals when it comes to this beloved beverage.

If your family is putting away a few cans away a day, consider shopping for LaCroix at Aldi. The discount grocer that hails from Germany often sells 15-can packs (with the standard 12-ounce cans) for just $3.99 — that's less than 27 cents per can. Right now, the retailer is offering a promotion for a 24-pack of LaCroix at only $7.99, which works out to 33 cents per can.

Costco is known for its everyday low prices and, at many locations, LaCroix starts at $8.99 per 24-pack (or 37 cents per can). Though prices and flavor selection may vary by store, you likely won't be paying more than $9.99 for two dozen cans.

If you're loyal to Whole Foods, consider stocking up on your sparkling water elsewhere. The national retailer sells 12-can packs of LaCroix for $5.49 - $5.99 a box, which equates to over 45 cents a can.

Surprisingly, Walmart prices are closer to Whole Foods than Costco. A 24-pack for a variety flavors comes to $11.99, or about 50 cents per can. However, you can score free two-day shipping if you spend at least $35 at checkout.

Of course, LaCroix really is everywhere these days: Shoppers can even order 24-packs of the stuff from Office Depot because, yes, every office should have a free supply of sparkling water. At this retailer, the big packs are also available for $11.99, but the site requires a spend of $45 for free next-business day shipping.

Amazon will ship cans direct to your home for free (well, with that $119 annual Amazon Prime membership) with no minimum order required. However, most flavors cost more than $18 for a 24-pack, a hefty 75 cents per can.

For a really good deal on tasty sparkling water, consider these LaCroix lookalike beverages from Costco, which have been sold for as little as $7.49 for 32 cans, just 23 cents per can.

As you're stocking up, though, keep in mind that drinking even more LaCroix-type beverages just because they're cheap might not necessarily be a good idea. Some dentists have warned that even though sparkling waters are free of calories, their acidity may be damaging to teeth.

But no one wants to hear that today!

If you are heading out to the store to pickup some LaCroix soon and you can't find it, Jimmy Fallon will help you avoid mispronouncing the fancy French name.