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Here's what you need to know about changes to Starbucks' rewards program

/ Source: TODAY

Coffee drinkers are buzzed about changes to Starbucks' rewards program — and not in a good way.

On Monday, the java megachain announced an overhaul to its loyalty system, stirring up a caffeine controversy that even has loyal fans outraged. Rather than reward customers by the visit, stars will be given out based on how much you spend.

The new guidelines, which go into effect in April, are bad news for those who don't typically buy Starbucks' pricier specialty coffee drinks. Instead of gaining a star per purchase regardless of price, you'll gain 2 stars for every dollar spent. It'll also take 125 stars to accrue a free treat, versus the current 12 — that's nearly a $40 difference.


Starbucks says the reward changes were made based on customer feedback, but many took to Twitter to criticize the spend more, get more policy.

Will these changes affect where you get your morning cup of Joe? Tell us in the comments.