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Here are the most popular ice cream flavors in every state, according to Twitter

Which flavors rank highest around the U. S.?
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Summer is pretty much here and that means many things — but our favorite thing is ice cream!

Cue the screaming.

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Twitter knows how we feel, so the tweet experts got down to business and figured out, based on over 30 million tweets about ice cream, which flavors were the favorites in each state in the U.S.

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Now, bear in mind that chocolate and vanilla were the "control" group — they were always the most tweeted about, so you won't see them listed here (chocolate beat out vanilla in case you're wondering). But after looking at all ice cream-related Tweets from March 1 to May 18, they determined which other flavors were the most Tweeted-about.

Here are the most popular ice cream flavors in every state, according to Twitter.Twitter

And you might be surprised at the results! Coffee and Cookie Dough dominate in the most states, but Brownie and Strawberry had fervent supporters as well. And just look at New Jersey, Delaware and Maine — those rebels just adore Mint Chocolate!

So which state led the pack for most ice cream tweets? It's no gamble at all: Nevada!

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See how your state ranked, then go out and get started on the first pint of the Memorial Day weekend, whatever flavor you choose. You can't go wrong there.

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