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Hellmann's Twitter account suggested putting mayo in coffee

Dionne Warwick isn't having it — and she's all of us.
Social media users, including Dionne Warwick, had some pretty strong opinions when Hellmann's recommended adding mayo to coffee.
Social media users, including Dionne Warwick, had some pretty strong opinions when Hellmann's recommended adding mayo to coffee.Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

Mayo in coffee? We'll pass, thanks. And apparently, so will Dionne Warwick.

Condiment brand Hellmann's left Twitter in a tizzy last week when it suggested that adding a bit of mayonnaise to your morning cup of coffee creates a delightful flavor combination, and the majority of social media users were quite disturbed by the concept.

Still, no one was quite as shocked as Warwick, a legendary singer who's know for her sassy tweets. When she came across the divisive Hellmann's post, the 80-year-old took a pretty clear stance on the matter.

"I am blocking this account," she wrote.

In case anyone doubted that she'd actually go through with it, Warwick posted a follow up tweet that read "It took me 40 minutes to remember how to do this." and showed a screenshot of the blocked Hellmann's page.

The singer further emphasized her disgust in a third tweet that read "To those asking why… They want us to put mayonnaise in our coffee. I won’t tolerate it."

Plenty of Twitter users lent their support to Warwick and agreed that putting mayo in your coffee is just bizarre.

One talented social media user even turned the idea into a parody of Warwick's hit song "That's What Friends Are For" and proclaimed, "That's not what mayo's for."

Hellmann's stirred the pot some more and added a second tweet that read "Nope, that wasn’t a typo. Mayo in your coffee. It’s called having a sophisticated pallet."

If they weren't disturbed enough by the idea of mayo in their coffee, the Twitter community sure was aggravated by the actual typo in the tweet.

A few folks didn't seem all that bothered by the divisive debate, of course, and reminded everyone that we all have our unique food quirks.

But overall, most of the Twitter community stood in solidarity against the idea.

We have to give Hellmann's credit for giving it the old college try and attempting to turn this insane idea into an actual trend.

Believe it or not, this isn't the first time that someone has suggested adding mayo to coffee. In 2017, Philadelphia-based sports writer Jim Salisbury sparked a heated Twitter debate when he admitted that he had used mayo in place of half-in-half one time when he was desperate. He also revealed that it wasn't "half bad."

Mayo isn't the only unique coffee add-in that has popped up in public conversation in recent years. In the early 2010s, Bulletproof coffee suddenly appeared on many social media feeds and caused quite a stir. It's otherwise known as butter coffee and is made by adding Brain Octane Oil, a refined coconut oil, to coffee.