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Heinz's freaky new Super Bowl ad features 4 commercials in 1

Four times the ketchup, four times the fun?
Heinz is giving viewers four intriguing storylines to consider during its 2020 Super Bowl commercial.
Heinz is giving viewers four intriguing storylines to consider during its 2020 Super Bowl commercial.Heinz/YouTube
/ Source: TODAY

The Super Bowl may be several days away, but football fans don’t have to wait until Sunday to get a glimpse at many of the over-the-top commercials set to air during the big game.

We’ve already seen Cheetos' commercial with MC Hammer for the brand's new cheetle-dusted popcorn. Budweiser also released its commercial early, tugging at viewers' heartstrings with a minute-long video that seeks to combat the stereotypes of a “typical American.”

When it comes to Super Bowl ads, companies pull out all the stops for the notoriously expensive airtime — and this year, as the San Francisco 49ers face the Kansas City Chiefs, Heinz is taking it one step further by airing not just one, but four Super Bowl commercials that will all play within the same 30 seconds.

On Wednesday, the ketchup company released its unique ad called “Find the Goodness,” which was directed by Hollywood legend Roman Coppola. It features a multi split-screen that plays out four different scenarios simultaneously. With so much happening in such a short amount of time, the ad is meant to be watched over and over again ... very clever, Heinz.

In each of the four commercials, a slightly stressful situation set in a different spooky world plays out:

  1. The upper left window features one family visiting a creepy, deserted diner where a lone clown is eating some food ... or perhaps something more bizarre.
  2. The second window shows a nervous young couple walking up to a house where they are about to meet the girl’s evil-supervillain parents for the first time.
  3. The third situation features a family moving into their new and totally haunted mansion.
  4. The bottom right pane depicts a family navigating their way through a slightly sinister marketplace set on another planet.

As each group steps into the uncomfortable settings before them, they are greeted with the uber-comforting appearance of a Heinz ketchup bottle which, naturally, gives them all the reassurance they need to face their fears.

Is the ketchup the great equalizer? Heinz says yes.
Is the ketchup the great equalizer? Heinz says yes. Heinz/YouTube

Aside from forcing viewers to rewatch its commercial again and again, Heinz hopes the message of reliable comfort becomes totally ingrained in viewers' minds.

“For Americans everywhere, Heinz is that staple you can always count on. No matter where you are, when you spot that iconic bottle, it has the power to make so many situations just a little bit better,” Dalia Adler, brand build lead at Heinz, said in a statement. “Super Bowl LIV felt like the perfect time to remind the world that Heinz will always be there to add some goodness.”

Heinz previously announced that after the Coppola-directed commercial airs during the Super Bowl, the company will share more details on its upcoming new product, HoneyRacha, a sweet and spicy condiment that doesn't have a ketchup base.

The new condiment is set to hit store shelves this spring.