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Heinz releases a challenging ketchup-themed puzzle that's all red

Anyone up for a puzzling challenge?
/ Source: TODAY

While many may have thought the craziest creations from Heinz had ended with recent mashups like Mayocue and Mayomust, they were wrong. Very, very wrong.

The latest product to come from the condiment brand is indeed a bizarre new combo, but it's not something you can eat. Instead of combining different savory spreads, the folks at Heinz mixed up 570 puzzle pieces, each one in the same matte red color — the result of which might just be one of the most perplexing food puzzles of all time.

Heinz's creation may be even more intimidating than the Meta Puzzle, Anthropologie's puzzle featuring someone putting together a puzzle, and all of the seriously challenging clear jigsaw puzzles out there.

Yet, somehow, a glaring red, 570-piece ketchup-themed puzzle has come into existence — and it doesn't even involve chicken nuggets.

If the stakes weren't already high enough, puzzle aficionados recently had the chance to win one of these puzzling puzzles through a contest held in just one country: Canada.

Kraft Heinz Canada held a contest (it ran from May 6-May 9) inviting Canadians to comment on the company's Instagram with whom they wished to complete said puzzle.

Many people, however, weren't sure how they'd even begin to complete such a game.

One tweeter called the creation straight up "torture."

And then there are those who just wanted a piece of the action for its beautiful color scheme.

If you're hungry for more food-themed jigsaw puzzles with a more diverse palette (or palate), Arby's has a 13-hour puzzle that culminates in a beautiful montage filled with brisket, sliced meats, buns and curly fries. The smoked brisket Arby's actually uses in its sandwiches takes 13 hours to make, for the record.

A representative for Heinz was not immediately available to confirm when, or if, the all-red puzzle would be released to ketchup lovers in the U.S.