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Meet 'Mayochup,' the mayonnaise-ketchup hybrid that's dividing the internet

But why not ketchonaise or tomayo?
/ Source: TODAY

A world without condiments would be a sad world, indeed. And two of the greatest of all time are ketchup and mayonnaise. (Mustard lovers, take a back seat on this one.)

But if you could only choose one for your sandwich, which one would it be?!

Well, now the dual-delight dilemma has been solved, thanks to Heinz's newest sauce: mayochup. That's right, mayonnaise plus ketchup in one beautiful squeeze bottle.

Sure, they could have called it ketchonaise ...

OK, that was nice of them.

But here's the real deal: Mayochup by Heinz isn't exactly brand new. People have been combining mayo and ketchup for years to make Russian dressing, Thousand Island dressing and even Shake Shack's signature ShackSauce. Many TODAY Facebook followers have even pointed out that a version from Goya, called Salsa Rosada, has been on sale for years!

And social media posts seem to have largely focused on the fact that mayochup has already existed for some time, under various other names:

Also, if you live in the U.S., don't get too excited about the new sauce just yet. Currently, the bottle is only available in the Arab Gulf states, according to the New York Post.

At least Heinz is soliciting Americans' opinions on the topic, thanks to that tweet. If they get 500,000 "yes" votes, we'll soon be able to grab mayochup on grocery store shelves in the U.S.

Heinz's director of marketing, Nicole Kulwicki, told the Post, "We look to America's condiment lovers to tell us if this is something they want or if they prefer to remain Heinz Mayonnaise and Ketchup purists."

So be sure to vote! This is a condiment combo whose time has finally come. Or perhaps has actually been around awhile ... and now just needs to be made official.

We shouldn't have to play ketchup with the rest of the world, you know.

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