Heavenly! Grilled cheese sandwiches to be parachuted around NYC

People eating jaffles from parachute.
Vimeo/Klaus Fritz
By Katie Quinn

Eaters in the U.S. have become obsessed with various ways to track their food deliveries via mobile devices and a lucky few have even had drones deliver their dishes. But Australia’s newest delivery invention is a whole new concept: grilled cheese delivered by parachute, and it’s soon to hit New York City.

The term for this novel idea is “Jafflechuting,” because the Australian word for a grilled cheese is “jaffle.” (Gotta love Aussie lingo). A small number of Australians have had the chance to experience one of these flying sammies: about 500 grilled cheese sandwiches have been delivered this way since August 2013.

It seems pretty simple: Customers pay ahead via PayPal, then stand at a specified location (literally on an “X” marked on the ground) at a given time, and then catch their meal! Among the grilled cheese options are cheese and tomato and cheese and ham. Prices vary from $5-$7.

Adam Grant is one of the founders and he told Fast Company it’s not a money-making venture…they just do it for fun. We like how these Aussies have fun.

The Jafflechute team recently raised money to bring the enterprise to North America. They surpassed their goal of $5,000, and promise on their Facebook page to “put on the cheesiest show we can manage!” in New York City. It’s expected to land mid-May, though due to unpredictable weather patterns, the exact delivery dates are still up in the air (get it?). 

While we're not exactly sure the integrity of the grilled cheese will hold up, it surely will make for a great foodie story. 

Follow them on Twitter (@jafflechutes) to know when you can get your hands on a grilled cheese dropped from the sky.