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Joy Bauer welcomes spring with light and bright recipes

Keep your plate full of color this season.

Whether you’re soaking up the sunny days of spring, enjoying Easter festivities or cheering through March Madness, this time of year is all about savoring moments with loved ones and indulging in delicious eats. This week, I’ve got you covered with a lineup of mouthwatering and nutritious bites, from colorful pink Easter eggs and a clever mocktail trick to the easiest queso ever and an action-packed chicken salad. Get ready to celebrate the season with a whole lotta flavorful fun!

Creamy & Crunchy Chicken Salad

Creamy Crunchy Chicken Salad
Joy Bauer

Introducing my action-packed chicken salad, a versatile dish bursting with nourishment. Enjoy it on apple slices for a juicy, low-carb spin, or spread it on crackers for a satisfying meal. Customize to your heart’s content — you can even swap the chicken for salmon or shrimp and enjoy a seafood twist. With endless possibilities and oodles of flavor, this superfood chicken salad is sure to become your new favorite!

Pretty-in-Pink Eggs

Pretty in Pink Eggs
Joy Bauer

Get ready to whip up colorful hard-boiled eggs that are as fun to make as they are delicious to eat. Whether you’re serving up a snack for your kiddos or impressing your foodie friends, these pink, protein-packed beauties are sure to steal the show. And here’s the best part: Despite their gourmet appearance, they’re super easy to prepare. With just a quick boil and a splash of beet color, you’ll have a stunning dish that will wow the crowd. Trust me — these pretty eggs are no yolk!

3-Ingredient Queso

3-Ingredient Queso
Joy Bauer

In queso you didn’t know, my three-ingredient queso recipe is an absolute game-changer. It comes together in mere minutes — and it’s made in the microwave. This queso-like creation is rich, indulgent and super easy to create. And the possibilities are endless: You can choose any cheese you like, opt for mild or spicy salsa and even add your favorite herbs and seasonings to amp up the flavor. So, get ready for a slam-dunk bowl of cheesy goodness that’ll have you coming back for more.

Tilted Cranberry Lime Mocktail

Titled Cranberry-Lime Mocktail
Joy Bauer

Chill out in style with this playful mocktail. Level up your drink with a little touch of freezer magic — simply pop a glass of juice into the freezer at a fun angle to create a mesmerizing effect that’s sure to tilt your tastebuds in the right direction. For this drink, I’ve chosen cranberry juice paired with a lime-flavored sparkling water, but feel free to mix and match whichever flavors tickle your taste buds. As the cranberry “tilt” gradually blends with the sparkling water, each sip becomes progressively more delicious. Cheers to a splash of refreshing fun with this spellbinding sipper.

Makes 1 serving


  • 1/2 cup cranberry juice
  • lime-flavored sparkling water
  • lime slice, for garnish (optional)


Add cranberry juice to a glass. Place glass in the freezer and prop it against something so it rests at an angle (I nestled it in my ice cube drawer). Once frozen (~6 hours to overnight), top it off with lime-flavored sparkling water and garnish with an optional lime slice.