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Joy Bauer gets colorful in the kitchen with matcha pound cake and turmeric dressing

Add a pop of color to your diet with these bright and beautiful recipes.

Color me healthy! A classic pound cake and a flavorful dressing get an easy upgrade with the addition of matcha powder and turmeric spice. Check out these bright and beautiful creations.

Matcha Pound Cake

Courtesy Joy Bauer

Don’t adjust your computer or phone screen: This gloriously colored pound cake offers great flavor plus a dose of powdered green tea called matcha. And boy, there is so matcha to talk about when it comes to this antioxidant-rich tea! From healthy skin to cognitive function, matcha provides countless health perks. Because you’re consuming the whole leaf (versus discarding what’s left in a brewed tea bag), you’re reaping extra-special benefits of the beloved brew. Give yourself the green light to enjoy this green delight — and serve it as a yummy treat with a matcha latte for double the goodness.

Get the recipe here.

This recipe is a spin on my classic tahini dressing, with a uniquely golden twist. In this version, I incorporate two spices that help lower inflammation and ease aches and pains. Its pain-fighting powers come from a dynamic duo of spices, ginger and turmeric. Ginger lends a sweet, pungent flavor. And turmeric, an earthy, woody spice (a staple in many curries), transforms the classic beige coloring of tahini into a vibrant and playful yellow (just be careful to avoid getting the turmeric powder on your fingers or fancy napkins because it can leave a neon trail that’s tough to get off). You’ll notice I add a dash of black pepper to the mix; don’t skip this step, as the pepper helps boost the absorption of turmeric, and of course, adds extra flavor, too.