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Joy Bauer makes 3 healthy munchies to add to your March Madness ‘snacket’

These good-for-you recipes are a slam dunk!

As the warmth of spring fills the air and March Madness excitement takes center court, it’s the perfect time to gather with friends and family and indulge in delicious and healthy food. Today, I’m sharing a trio of plant-powered dishes that will nourish your body and impress your game-watching guests. First up, a simple and scrumptious Asian-inspired dish, Sesame-Garlic Edamame. Next, my fresh and flavorful Bruschetta Pasta Salad that’s always a crowd favorite. And finally, we have the pop-in-your-mouth, fiery-good Jalapeño Hummus Poppers. Whether you’re hosting a casual spring brunch, a game-day feast, or simply craving some flavorful bites, these recipes are guaranteed to make your friends and family cheer.

Sesame-Garlic Edamame

Sesame Garlic Edamame
Nathan Congleton / TODAY

These are soy good for so many different reasons. For one, the recipe takes just five minutes to make and yet it looks like a gourmet dish from a restaurant. Second, it features nutrient-rich soybeans (aka edamame), which are a stellar source of fiber and plant-based protein. Plus, because they’re prepared in the pod, your eating pace will slow down and you’ll be able to savor every tasty bite. Finally, soybeans come packaged with other good-for-you nutrients, including potassium, calcium, and magnesium, which all enhance heart health and can also help prevent muscle cramps. And the bean benefits don’t end there — they also deliver some plant-based omega-3s. Your body and taste buds will thank you!

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Bruschetta Pasta Salad

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

Like I always say, the more bruschetta, the betta. And this pasta is infused with everything we love about the classic — it’s a mouthwatering combo of fresh chopped tomatoes, onion, basil, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar and scrumptious seasonings tossed on a mound of noodles. Trust me, it is di-vine!

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Jalapeño Hummus Poppers

These scrumptious and spicy vegan poppers are a perfect snack or app. Make ‘em deliciously mild by skipping the cayenne and removing all jalapeño seeds before adding your filling… or turn up the heat by mixing in the cayenne and a few reserved jalapeño seeds into the hummus. Whichever direction your tastebuds take you, I suggest scaling the recipe wayyyy up if you’re serving a hungry crowd!