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30 heathier Halloween snacks that won't spook your sugar levels

Because nothing scares mummy like a sugar crash.
/ Source: TODAY

Every parent knows sugar highs can get pretty spooky. So why not turn to some healthier recipes this Halloween to make treats extra fun, frightful and fall-themed without the crash from loads of sugar?

When I was a nanny in college, I would always get the kids to eat their veggies by making them a bit more exciting. I'd boil beets and cut them into "pretty princess" heart shapes, for example. Because what four-year-old doesn't like to eat a pretty princess-themed anything? I find this principle to be the foundation of any healthy swap for a younger audience. But let's face it: Adults love it, too.

When it comes to making healthier Halloween recipes, spooky themes are the perfect way to get nutritious ingredients into costume. Plus, with foods like apples, cinnamon and pumpkins being the heart of fall, it's easy to make snacks packed with real fruit and other festive goodies.

Whether it's the salty cravings you're hoping to satiate or your sweet tooth is as sharp as a vampire's, these wonderful recipes are sure to bring a gourd time without all the pre-packaged scaries of sugary candy.

Bone appetit!

"I was the kid during Halloween who was only in it for the peanut butter cups," says Samah Dada. "Every other candy was irrelevant in my eyes. To be honest, not a lot has changed other than the fact that I have now discovered almond butter. I decided to take everything I loved about the treasured peanut butter and swap it with almond, adding a little bit of maple syrup for sweetness and some flaky salt on top to balance it all out. What's left is a sophisticated, perhaps more grown-up version of my (and maybe your?) childhood favorite that's impossibly easy to create at home."

These savory bites are the ideal way to balance out your candy-induced sugar shock. That's because each edible "eyeball" is packed with blood-sugar-stabilizing stuff: protein-rich egg whites plus fiber-filled hummus and guacamole, which also contribute heart-healthy fat.

Smoky chipotle peppers bring the heat to this Southwestern-inspired dip whose dark color is perfect for Halloween. Use just one pepper if you want a mild dose of spiciness, or add more adobo sauce or pepper if you want to amp up the burn. If possible, use fresh, in-season corn — the raw kernels’ juicy sweetness will offset the heat.

 Muesli-Stuffed Baked Apples

Most muesli is just sugar-coated oats. In this recipe, you get the heartiness of the classic breakfast staple but it’s not cloyingly sweet. The result is an apple pie-like snack that tastes just like fall.

Spooky Halloween Ghost Berries

These ghostly berries are fun to make with kids for an easy Halloween treat. They'll never realize they're being "tricked" into eating fruit on a candy-filled holiday.

Cut down on the sweets intake with this savory, spooky dip made with protein-packed beans, shredded cheddar cheese, pico de gallo, seasoned sour cream and guacamole. Turn pita bread rounds into themed shapes like tombstones, creepy cats and ghosts by using cookie cutters. Try serving with your favorite veggies, too.

Chocolate-Covered 'Booberries'

They're not blueberries, they're boo-berries! These haunting chocolate-covered strawberries can be served as a Halloween kid's snack in lunchboxes, at a party or for a romantically frightening feast with your partner in crime.

Thick Greek yogurt, dates that taste like caramel, maple syrup, pumpkin and nutmeg combine into a delightfully creamy dessert that's low in sugar but still full of bold flavor that hit the spot when you're craving something sweet.

Kid-Friendly Beet Hummus

Give hummus a blood-red hue with this easy snack option for adults, babies and kids of all ages. Filled with wholesome ingredients and a nutrient-rich veggie, this dip is sure to be a hit. To give it a spooky flair, use ghoulish cookie cutters to cut out frightful pita shapes.

Save the seeds from jack-o'-lantern carvings, clean them and dry them out for an easy, on-the-go snack for Halloween's busy activities. This healthy munch is also great as a flavorful topper for a creamy soup or fall salad.

Give your popcorn an addictive, pumpkin-y spin by tossing a batch with a sweet and caramel-like sauce and then crisping it in the oven. It helps take a standard snack from good to, well, incredible. Plain crunchy popcorn becomes completely irresistible with the cozy warm flavors of fall.

Applesauce makes the best, most scrumptious muffins that don't dry out in a couple of days like other muffins do. This easy autumn recipe offers a great opportunity to incorporate some other healthy ingredients while convincing the family they're being spoiled with a sweet treat.

Nutella Apple 'Sliders'

These fruity "sliders" are the perfect grab-and-go breakfast for a busy morning and fun after-school snack. With only three ingredients, they're somehow sweet, tart, crunchy and smooth all at the same time. Great all year, they're packed with fall flavor.

Craving candy but want something better? "My grape-chocolate bark is so easy to whip up and even easier to devour. Rich in resveratrol, the grapes offer juicy bursts of sweetness in a sea of indulgent chocolate. The chocolate will firm in the fridge, but I love how it hardens in the freezer ('snap, snap' each time you break a piece) and the scattered grapes become almost slushie-like. It’s a treat that will surprise and delight your taste buds," says Joy Bauer.

These adorable banana pops, dipped in white chocolate and coconut are a lesser evil on Halloween than the standard gummy worms, taffy brains, and candy corn! Baby bananas are a great choice here, because of their size, but regular halved bananas are fine, too.

When dates are heated up, they get this delicious caramel flavor that’s balanced perfectly by any kind of nut butter. Topped with flakes of sea salt, it's a decadent but healthful treat.

The only things needed here are a pumpkin and some homemade or store-bought guac. Instead of placing the spread in a plain bowl, turn the creamy green goop into a gruesome Halloween appetizer. This cute but creepy appetizer sometimes goes by the rather unappetizing names "pumpkin vomit" or "puking pumpkin," but let's just call it delicious.

As dark as night, this recipe is a great mix of protein, slow-burning carbs and good fats that keeps giving energy. It's ideal in a parfait with vanilla yogurt and berries for a more calorie-dense snack or on its own, one handful at a time, for a nice crunchy fix.

Roll garlic bread dough into knobby witch fingers that are almost too creepy to eat. Pat down the dough to create knotted knuckles and use a knife to make light creases. Then press in the almonds to create fingernails. Give them a swipe of garlic-infused ghee or butter and serve them up with blood-red marinara sauce for dipping.

Give guests a break from the sugary candy and fill them up with some nice, creepy veggies. It keeps the spooky theme of a Halloween party while providing a healthy snack at the same time.

Spider Eggs

These irresistible bites have all the flavors of classic deviled eggs but with the spooky, salty bite of an olive spider on top.

A nutritious and delicious take on traditional pancakes, these apple fritters are next-level. All you have to do is cut apples into thin rings, dunk them in pancake batter, and pop them on the skillet until they are golden perfection on either side. Serve them as breakfast or a fun Halloween treat.

You don't have to feel the sugar rush to celebrate Halloween. This recipe from Buzzfeed Tasty is the perfect way to get into the spirit without experiencing the crash. And we say, why not make it all year long? It's a deliciously perfect main or side dish.

Parmesan Kale Chips

Ina Garten turns leafy kale into crispy, devilishly dark chips. "Flat kale — sometimes labeled cavalo nero, Dinosaur kale or lacinato — it can be roasted for the perfect light bite to serve with drinks. It's simply kale, olive oil and salt, and it roasts in 15 minutes. Of course, freshly grated Parmesan cheese makes everything taste better."

The rice crisps add satisfying texture to these delicious chocolate bars. With the addition of a touch of maple syrup, they serve as the perfect dessert or sweet afternoon pick-me-up that we all need throughout the day. The best part is, the bars can be made with four ingredients and don't require any special equipment or baking materials.

This dip is one of our favorite ways to use red bell peppers. Not only is it simple to make (all you do is place everything in the oven and blend it all up when it's finished) but it's remarkably flavorful and unbelievably versatile. Enjoy this dip with crackers or crudités, as a spread for sandwiches and flatbreads, a topper for salads or whatever else your heart desires!

Spiced Roasted Chickpeas

Move over, popcorn! Roasted chickpeas are the new easy-to-make, deliciously addictive snack in town. They are crunchy and tasty with just the right blend of spices. They also pack a ton of nutrients into every bite.

Chocolate-Banana Muffins

These delectable muffins can be made lickety-split and are so scrumptious. Plus, you can feel good about the ingredients: Cocoa powder provides health-boosting flavanols to enhance brain power, focus and memory, and bananas provide potassium, fiber and natural sweetness. Trust me — muffin compares to these chocolaty delights.

These pumpkin cookies are like fluffy clouds of pumpkin-spice heaven. The pumpkin adds a subtle flavor that isn't too overpowering, while lending to the extremely soft and fluffy texture of these cookies, to make them almost cake-like. Even if you're a pumpkin skeptic, you can't deny the magic that is made when these cakey cookies meet melted chocolate chips — it's a true match made in fall heaven.

Peanut Butter Freezer Fudge

In an effort to find more ways to eat peanut butter (other than straight up with a spoon), this peanut butter freezer fudge was born. "When I'm in the mood for something sweet, but still healthy and packed with healthy fats and protein, I reach for this freezer fudge!" says Dada. "It only requires four ingredients, one bowl and essentially no time at all!"