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Healthy back-to-school breakfast recipes to start the day off right!

These healthy breakfast ideas for kids will help kick off the school year with easy recipes.
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The most important meal of the day shouldn't be the most stressful! Making a healthy breakfast before school can seem almost like an impossible task when you're frantically running around the house searching for homework assignments, tying shoelaces and making sure the kids brush their teeth. Mornings are tough enough as it is, so we've rounded up some of our favorite breakfast ideas with recipes that are easy to make, nutritious and kid-approved.

Mini-corn and ham frittatas

Make these tasty frittatas on a Sunday and you'll be set for the entire week. Bonus: they can be frozen for up to one month!

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Nutty–Fruity Granola
Grace Parisi / TODAY

Easy homemade granola

Pair this crunchy granola with yogurt and fruit for a simple and filling breakfast.

Healthy Pumpkin Spice Muffins
Frances Largeman-Roth

Pumpkin spice muffins

Pumpkin anything is always delicious! The pumpkin puree in these muffins adds some extra vitamin A to your diet.

Superfood popsicles: blueberry, chamomile and mint yogurt ice pops
Frances Largeman-Roth / TODAY

Blueberry, chamomile and mint yogurt popsicles

Remind your kids of how great their summer was with a special treat—popsicles for breakfast!

Natalie Morales' bacon and egg breakfast in a Mason jar
Casey Barber

Bacon and eggs in a mason jar topped with avocado, tomato & basil

You can prep these early by putting uncooked eggs in the jar the night before. In the morning, just mircrowave the eggs and throw on the toppings.

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Make-Ahead Slow-Cooker Maple Oatmeal
Casey Barber / TODAY

Make-ahead slow-cooker maple oatmeal

Big family? Little time in the morning to make breakfast? Break out your slow cooker and make this maple oatmeal recipe that'll feed a hungry crowd.

Healthy breakfast parfait
Casey Barber

Healthy breakfast parfait blend

There are endless ways to customize this parfait to appeal to everyone in the family's taste buds.

Nut-Free Energy Bars
Casey Barber

Nut-free energy bars

Does someone in your family have a nut allergy? You can make homemade breakfast bars with healthy alternatives such as sunflower seeds and grains like amaranth or millet.

Natalie Morales' overnight oats recipe in a Mason jar
Casey Barber

Nutty peaches and cream overnight oats in a mason jar

Overnight oats are a great choice for hectic mornings. Just throw the ingredients into a mason jar, let it sit in the fridge overnight and you instantly have a tasty breakfast!

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Fruit and Nut Breakfast Cookies recipe
Casey Barber

Healthy fruit-and-nut breakfast cookies

This is probably one of the only times you'll let your kids have cookies for breakfast.

Parsnip Banana Bread recipe
Casey Barber

Parsnip banana bread

They're going to love this healthier version of banana bread.

Homemade applesauce recipe
Samara Linnell

Life-changing homemade applesauce

You'll never want the jarred stuff again after tasting this super easy homemade applesauce. It's a game-changer.

Savory yogurt parfait recipe
Sara Bir

Basic savory yogurt parfait

There are plenty of ways you can jazz up this yogurt parfait.

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Avocado, Spinach and Egg Breakfast Tacos
Casey Barber

Avocado, spinach and egg breakfast tacos

These protein- and fiber-packed breakfast tacos will fill you up and only take 15 minutes to make.

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