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'Happy dance' delivery driver shares why snacks make such a big difference

A little Capri Sun went a long way.
/ Source: TODAY

For millions of Americans, online shopping has become a reliable convenience. But packages don't just magically show up on our doorsteps — and now more people are recognizing just how labor intensive the job can be.

Kyle Smith, a 25-year-old delivery driver, has been delivering packages for Amazon for about two months. He often works long shifts, but during the holiday season, he's especially busy and says he often delivers over 200 packages a day during his shift.

“You work like nine to ten hours and only get like a 30-minute lunch break,” Smith told TODAY.

On Dec. 12, Smith, who juggles three, part-time jobs, said he was having a particularly rough day. That morning, he forgot his lunch at home. He also forget his water bottle, so by the time he made it to Sarah Barnes' house in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, he was hungry, thirsty and exhausted.

But as soon as he walked up to the front porch, Smith was greeted by very welcome sight: a basket of snacks and pouches filled with one of his favorite childhood drinks.

The deliveryman was so overjoyed by the snacks that he couldn’t help but break out into what he calls his “happy dance.”

Smith was so excited that he didn't even notice the Ring smart doorbell camera that captured his every move.

“I was so focused on the snacks, and I was so hungry. I was in my happy dance, I was like, ‘Thank you, God,'” he explained.

Barnes told TODAY that she was inspired to put out some snacks after she saw a friend's Facebook post showcasing goodies left out for delivery drivers. She thought about buying more “adult” snacks to offer those dropping off her packages, but she wanted to put something out right away, so she grabbed what she already had in the pantry.

"One of my friends was kind of picking on me ... saying, 'They’re gonna know you have kids because those are all kiddie snacks,'" she said. The Capri Sun was a pretty dead giveaway.

Little did Barnes know that that particular beverage would inspire Smith’s impromptu dance — and totally brighten his day.

Sarah Barnes and Kyle Smith

“I hadn’t seen one [a Capri Sun] since fifth grade,” Smith said. “It brought me back to middle school.”

In the now viral video which has garnered hundreds of thousands of views across various social media platforms, Smith dances for about 30 seconds before bowing down to retrieve a drink and quench his thirst.

“It shows that the smallest act of kindness can bring you out of a tough situation,” Smith said of the kind gesture.

On Monday, Smith and Barnes had the opportunity to meet in person for an interview with a local TV station. The duo have since struck up a real-life friendship.

“The last four days we are so happy this story has touched so many people,” Smith said.

Barnes added that they’ve bonded through the idea that practicing kindness can help bridge racial and religious divides.

“I really want for everyone to understand it’s bigger than snacks,” Smith said. “It’s more caring for someone and actually being sincere and thinking about someone’s day.”

Of course Smith isn't the first delivery driver who has been surprised with snacks — and caught happily dancing — this holiday season. Earlier this month, a delivery driver in Middletown, Delaware, was seen celebrating on a smart doorbell camera after a homeowner set out a display of packaged cookies and sodas.

The videos have already had a pay-it-forward effect and now dozens of people are sharing photos of the snack spreads they've been leaving out for delivery people working across the country.