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Taste the best of America with kimchi mac & cheese, Mexican eggs and lamb ribs

Discover some of America's best dishes with YouTube star Hannah Hart. She samples huevos yucatecos, lamb ribs and kimchi mac and cheese all across the country.
/ Source: TODAY

YouTube sensation, author and comedian Hannah Hart recently embarked on a culinary tour of the United States with her Food Network show I Hart Food.

She's stopping by TODAY to share a few of her favorite eats from her epic cross-country trip.

Kimchi Mac and Cheese

I love kimchi, I love cheese and I love pasta! COOK in St. Paul, Minnesota does a masterful job of combining these three delicious ingredients into one amazing dish. What an unexpected and delightful way to add a kick to traditional macaroni and cheese!

Mongolian Barbecue Lamb Ribs

The lamb ribs from Rhubarb restaurant in Asheville, North Carolina perfectly walk the line between savory and sweet. And that line is succulence. I'm going out on a lamb here and saying these are the best ribs I've ever had.

Huevos Yucatecos

Huevos Yucatecos

Telecote Café

The trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico is one of my favorites. Telcolote Café's addition of fried bananas makes this breakfast dish a stand out. Who knew that fried bananas, eggs and refried beans would be such companions on a breakfast plate!

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