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This is the Halo Top flavor that your inner child has been waiting for

Even the Halo Top detractors were convinced by the new peanut butter and jelly flavor.
Halo Top PB and J
Peanut butter and jelly for less calories? Yes, please!Halo Top / Courtesy Halo Top
/ Source: TODAY

The new peanut butter and jelly flavor from Halo Top Creamery just might be the ice cream of your dreams — or you might just be tempted to replace your usual sandwich with it.

Look, we get it: despite the ice cream's popularity, its icy, slightly grainy texture has been known to elicit mixed feelings from some tasters. That said, the new peanut butter and jelly flavor, which will be out in stores early August, is simply delicious — trust us, we tried it!

Halo Top PB and J
As always with Halo Top, the packaging is gorgeous as well!Courtesy Halo Top

Before tasting the new pint, many TODAY staffers were doubtful of the childlike flavor, not to mention its lower-calorie count, but believe me when I tell you that nearly everyone who tried it actually liked it — or loved it.

At 360 calories a pint, we've deemed this flavor a pretty great substitute for regular, full-calorie ice cream, and I'd even go so far as to say I favor it over the sandwich itself. Shocking.

One of our editors kinda agreed with me, saying, "I would definitely open a pint of this ice cream if I wanted a PB&J but felt too lazy to make one myself."

The peanut butter base adds a creamy richness to this ice cream lacking in some other Halo Top pints and instead of a grape jelly, Halo Top added in swirls of strawberry jam, which is obviously a natural fit for a summery ice cream flavor. Sadly, there's no bread in it but it is sprinkled with little bites of cannoli.

Doug Bouton, Halo Top's president and COO, described the flavor as "easily one our best flavors to date."

To celebrate National Ice Cream Day on Sunday, July 15, the first 1,000 people to head over to the new flavor's website and enter the code TOPPB&J will get a delicious free sample sent right to their door before it hits stores.

For those that aren't quite quick enough to grab the freebie online, the flavor will be in stores nationwide next month. But if you really, really love peanut butter, we suggest running not walking because it will only be out for a few weeks.

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