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42 haunting Halloween cocktails for a boo-zy night

Serve up creepy cocktails, spooky sippers, bewitching brews and monstrous mocktails for Halloween.
/ Source: TODAY

It's time to toast to spooky season! No Halloween celebration would be complete without a piquant potion — or two — to wash down the spine-chilling snacks, devilishly delicious dinner, appalling appetizers, diabolical desserts, cursed cookies and tricked-out treats.

Every ghostly host has their own way of entertaining. Some prefer to play the mad scientist mixologist the whole night, while others like to set out a big batch of a bubbling brew and let guests help themselves. A dramatic punch bowl centerpiece is a great choice, as it serves a crowd and doubles as festive décor, but a tray of custom cocktails decorated with gruesome garnishes is also a wonderful way to set the haunted Halloween scene. As long as the drinks keep flowing on All Hallows’ Eve, there's no wrong way to serve up those spooky sips. Themed drinks with bloody red colors, decorative rims and festive adornments help set the holiday mood.

Making the most of autumnal ingredients and fall flavors will give the frightening festivities a distinctly seasonal flair. Think apples, cinnamon, pumpkin and more. And if there's a beverage that brings a few of those elements to the table, even better!

Whether the party is just for grown-up ghouls or includes menacing munchkins, always be sure to provide both boozy and alcohol-free options. With so many options for creepy cocktails, scary sippers, bewitching brews and monstrous mocktails, there is bound to be something for everyone. Let your guests pick their poison and get the party started!

Frankenstein's Grog

For a less-sweet punch option, this green punch is the way to go. It's great when you are short on time but want to make a festive impact. Use freshly squeezed citrus for the best flavor outcome. It's best to combine punch items in a clear glass bowl (shaped like a cauldron if you can find one) so we can see the green and the gummies.

Pumpkin Punch

This is a classic punch that can double as a great family activity. Take an outing to your local pumpkin patch and find the size you want for your punch and then pick up some mini versions to make your drinking cups. It also creates a great opportunity for having a positive conversation with your children about using natural and eco-friendly items to create your halloween decorations.

Witches' Brew Margarita

This is a ghostly take on a classic for a ghoulish night of fun with friends. The secret is the salt and the margarita both get a touch of black edible luster dust. A dehydrated lime wheel completes the deathly aesthetic of the cocktail.

Candy Corn Milkshake

These milkshakes are so delicious and easy to make! They're created using three different sherbet and ice creams, layering them to create a festive frozen dessert that looks like a giant candy corn but tastes like an indulgent milkshake.

Apple Cider Margarita

The flavors of fall impart a subtle sweetness on everyone's favorite classic cocktail: the margarita! Reducing apple cider concentrates the sweetness and helps amplify the spices. If you want to make this a smoky version, try it with mezcal instead of tequila.

Concord Grape Sangria

Concord grape season is short yet mighty! Take advantage of the sweet juicy flavor of the grapes by pairing the juice with a dry white wine and spiced rum-based syrup to make the perfect party punch. It's a spooky sangria of sorts.

Bourbon Candy Bar Milkshakes

Have that half-empty bag of mini-chocolate candies lying around post-Halloween? This recipe is the perfect use for any extra sweets! Chop up an assortment of nougat- and peanut-filled candies, fold 'em into a simple, whipped, no-churn ice cream base, freeze and blend into the most delicious milkshake. For adults, add a splash of bourbon. For the kiddos, let the candy be the star of the shake and skip the booze.

Frankenstein Fizz

Take prosecco from flat to fizz with the addition of a shot of sour apple liqueur! The liqueur not only adds a festive pop of color, but also a sour twist to the otherwise dry prosecco. Try this with another colored liqueur such as blue Curaçao or even grenadine, and have fun making your prosecco as colorful as a bag of Skittles.

Witches' Brew Punch

Childhood memories will be reactivated with one sip of this fruit punch concoction. The sherbet helps to keep the punch cold while avoiding watering down the batch. Try with another flavor or sherbet or even add liquor for an adults-only version.

Something Blue Cocktail

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Something Blue Cocktail

Kristen Tomlan, founder of DŌ, Cookie Dough Confections

Normally these blue drinks are too sweet, but this is elevated margarita is perfect for a crowd. Plus, the bright-blue color and Swedish Fish garnish add aquatic whimsy.

Magic Love Potion

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Magic Love Potion

Kristen Tomlan, founder of DŌ, Cookie Dough Confections

This twist on a French 75 is even more fun to drink because of how gorgeous it is. The edible glitter dust and flowers add a romantic and enchanting touch to this delicious drink.

What Happens in Vegas Mocktail

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What Happens in Vegas Mocktail

Kristen Tomlan, founder of DŌ, Cookie Dough Confections

This is a nonalcoholic version of a classic Champagne cocktail … with a Vegas twist, of course! Cotton candy gives this drink fun color and sweet flavor.

Elvis Elixir

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Elvis Elixir

Kristen Tomlan, founder of DŌ, Cookie Dough Confections

This doubles as a drink and dessert! Elvis' favorite classic combo of peanut butter, banana and bacon gets turned into an intensely indulgent milkshake.

Halloween Vampire Cranberry Cocktail

This is the ultimate spooky sipper. Instead of vodka, use prosecco for a bubblier cocktail. For a nonalcoholic version, leave out the alcohol, add more cranberry juice and enjoy!

Gummy Worm Shooter

This recipe is very versatile since you can use any flavor gelatin you like. This dessert also goes well beyond Halloween: It's great for school events and birthday parties, too! Add vodka where it calls for water to make this shooter into a cocktail adults can slurp.

Delight the kids — and adults — this Halloween with an easy make-at-home slushie using everyone's favorite rainbow-colored candy. They'll have a hard time picking just one flavor to try! They're a fun, fizzy, refreshing addition to the party.

Spice up your Halloween party with a warm blood-red punch simmered with seasonal flavors — cinnamon, cloves and allspice. Guests can ladle it directly from the slow cooker, which will keep your concoction warm all evening long. It's alcohol-free, so bloodthirsty little goblins and grownups alike can partake. If the adults want an extra kick, set out a bottle of bourbon to add to individual glasses. For the final gory touch? Garnish with a juicy blood orange wedge (drips encouraged).

Witches' Cauldron Punch

This bubbling Halloween party punch takes no toil or trouble to make. The rolling plumes of smoke from the addition of dry ice make this a dramatic and stunning centerpiece. Guests will have fun drinking the enchanting elixir. And, since this brew is booze-free, littles ones can enjoy it, too.

Spooky Punch

Beware — this punch is booooozy! The dark fruit juices, bitter spirits and sweet, juicy fruit eyeballs make this the perfect punch for Halloween. The tantalizing taste is an eye-opening experience.

Smoking Spicy Potion

Everybody loves the idea of a bloody mary bar, but what about a margarita bar? Set out all the ingredients so guests can make their special potion just the way they like it. Make the setup even more festive by decorating the area with dry ice, toy Dracula fangs or candy corn.

Spooky Sherbet Punch

Sherbet punch brings back memories of childhood parties. Using a frozen hand, creepy gummy worms and dry ice make this punch perfect for a Halloween celebration. For a less sweet punch, replace lemon-lime soda with club soda. You can also experiment with different flavors of sherbet.

Witches' Brew Cocktail

A sugary black rim and spooky green drink make this the perfect cocktail concoction to serve on Halloween. The flavors of grassy matcha and the floral botanicals of gin set this drink apart. It's sure to add some sophisticated flair to any haunted gathering.

Eye Candy Cocktail

Always keep an eye on your drink — or in your drink? Blueberry and jam-stuffed lychees make a spooky garnish for this festive cocktail. The sweetness of the fruity "eyeballs" complements the tart, citrusy drink providing a great balance of flavors.

Vampire Slushy Punch

Make a party punch your Halloween guests can really sink their teeth — or fangs — into. This cool cocktail has a slushy texture that's great for slurping through a straw or eating with a spoon. The fruity drink will satisfy their thirst, but the irresistible taste will keep them craving more.

Piña Ghouladas

Serve frozen piña coladas in blood rimmed glasses with edible eyeball garnishes for a grown-up Halloween treat. Proceed with caution: These icy cocktails go down very easily. The tropical flavors and festive garnishes make these drinks quickly disappear into the night.

Haunting Mules

Use those pretty copper mugs for a seasonal sip. The sweet apples and spicy ginger make this drink perfect for any fall occasion. Up the spook factor of these drinks by carefully adding a small piece of dry ice to the drink for a smoky effect.

Pumpkin Pie Shots

Enjoy all the sweet and spiced goodness of pumpkin pie in one tasty sip. The combo of warm cinnamon and velvety liqueurs mimic the taste and texture of the real deal dessert. These shots are perfect for any fall celebration.

This spooky drink dispenser is seasonal, flavorful and functional. It makes the perfect centerpiece for a Halloween party or any autumn get-together. You can use it to serve up your favorite pumpkin-flavored beer, cocktail or a nonalcoholic brew.

This cocktail is great for groups and can be served straight from the slow cooker. Tangy apple cider, baking spices and orange peels evoke the familiar flavors of autumn. Since it's a heated drink, it can warm even the coldest-hearted creature on a chilly fall evening.

Vampire's Elixir

Serve this bloody delicious drink to vampires, ghouls, ghosts or any other creepy characters at your Halloween bash. A syringe filled with red cherry syrup makes this an interactive drink experience that guests won't soon forget. It's a simple mixture but leaves a strong and lasting impression.

Dark & Stormy

Pomegranate juice gives this moody mix its dark hue. The glasses are rimmed with colored cane sugar to give this cocktail an extra festive touch. It's a superb sipper to enjoy on a stormy night.

Martha Stewart sets the scene for a thriller night! Her ginger-grape punch is topped with a giant floating orange moon and candy bats. The intoxicating aroma, luxurious flavors and festive adornments make it a treat for the senses.

Halloween Smash Cocktail

Mix up cocktails for the whole crowd with just one pitcher and four ingredients. Clementine juice, vodka, simple syrup and orange soda make a large-batch cocktail that can be poured, sipped and enjoyed with minimal effort. To make this suitable for trick-or-treating tots, simply omit the vodka.

All Hallows' Cocktail

With its eerie orange color and notes of baking spices, this drink was made fall festivities. A dash of cayenne pepper kicks up the heat while the flavors of chai complement the smokiness of the mezcal. Serve it over ice to add a cooling sensations to the warm flavors.

Eyeball Milkshakes

These eyeball milkshakes may look grotesque — but looks can be deceiving. With the combo of vanilla and chocolate ice cream and strawberry syrup, they're quite the tasty treats. Edge the glasses in advance to help the blood drips stay in place when the milkshake is added.

Trick-or-Treat Quakes

This simple shake breathes new life into your Halloween treats. For a thinner, more sippable shake, blend in a splash of milk. Any ice cream and candy combo works here!

Candy Corn Cocktail

Turn classic Halloween candy corn into a tasty drink. This three-ingredient mocktail is alcohol-free so it's great for grownups and kids alike. The signature layers of yellow, orange and white not only look just like the iconic candy but also have the same fun flavor.

Smoking Blackberry Margarita

Dry ice not only makes these cocktails super chilled, but it also adds a layer of spooky smoke for an extra eerie touch. Muddled blackberries give the drink a deep reddish-purple hue that matches the holiday's color scheme. The addition of fresh and dried sage complements the juiciness of the fruit and adds a ton of seasonal flavor to the drink.

Snickers Milkshake

This milkshake really features all of the flavors we love in a Snickers bar. It packs in the salty goodness of roasted peanuts, gooey caramel and rich chocolate. You can also make this with other chocolate candy bar or create a custom mix.

Jell-O Eyeball Shots

Keep an eye out for these terrifyingly tasty drinks … and they'll keep their eye on you, too. These can be made several days in advance. The gummy eyeballs will gradually absorb moisture and are at their best within three days of assembly. Want to make these treats for adults? Just add vodka!

Devilish Margarita

Heat up the festivities with diabolically fiery drinks. Classic margaritas get a spicy sizzle from hot jalapeños and serranos. And don't forget the two devilish chile horn garnishes which really complete the look.

Skittles Milkshake

Now you can eat your candy and drink it, too! This milkshake is great for the kid in all of us because it's super creamy, sweet and colorful. Use a sherbet or cherry ice cream instead of vanilla for more of a tropical flavor.