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This viral hack on how to eat pineapple is shocking the internet

A "Game of Thrones" star shared a video that makes eating a spiky pineapple look as simple as biting into an apple.
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/ Source: TODAY

Lena Headey just created a major plot twist in the pineapple-eating game ... if that's really a thing.

Fans of the HBO hit series "Game of Thrones" are obsessed, in part, because of its relentless ability to turn any storyline on its head and shock audiences. Headey, the actress who plays one of the show's star characters, Cersei Lannister, is apparently on the same page as her GOT writers.

On Sunday, Headey jolted pineapple lovers to their (and the pineapples') cores with a hack she posted to Instagram. And in a single moment, everything anyone thought they knew about how to easily slice a pineapple, was disrupted. It turns out that the easiest way to enjoy a pineapple isn't about perfecting knife skills at all.

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In the video captioned simply captioned "#gamechanger," hands are seen holding a yellow-skinned pineapple with it's leafy head missing and proceeds to peel and tear each fraction of pineapple straight off the fruit's core.

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By Monday morning, the video had been viewed nearly 1 million times and had a slew of reactions, including a comment from fellow actress Juliette Lewis, who wrote: "Who knew?!"

Another witty fan wrote: "WAHHHH?! Is this the final plot twist of GOT?"

On Instagram, one person claimed that the pineapple used in the video is a specific type of pineapple called "Gomos de mel" in Brazil, which a smaller pineapple known for being very juicy.

"We can't eat the other pineapples like this," they wrote.

Another instagramer said the method Headey posted about it is actually typical to the way pineapples are consumed in Thailand.

Several tweeters showed how the technique didn't work, at least not with the pineapple they tried to eat.

Without the right fruit, the hack can become quite messy.

Some tweeters invented their own hacks in response to the original post.

But others actually had great success.

Penny Stankiewicz, pastry chef and instructor at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City, told TODAY Food that to perform this easy-eating hack, the pineapple would need to be extremely ripe, as one can see from its yellow skin in Headey's post. So, basically, if your pineapple is green and very, very firm it will be nearly impossible to try the ripping-and-eating trick.

However, since the U.S. imports most of its pineapples from tropical regions where the fruit grows year round, finding a pineapple that's already ripe shouldn't be a problem, according to Stankiewicz. f you have a little time, it doesn't hurt to brown-bag it like when trying to ripen avocado or leave it next to other fruits to help those juicy insides become soft enough to peel.