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We're in awe of this guy who came up with a 'hack' to keep his nuggets warm

He used the passenger seat warmer in his car to keep his nuggets warm, causing a collective "aha" moment on the internet.
/ Source: TODAY

Nothing is sadder (or less satisfying) than cold fast food. But one enterprising man has a solution to avoid this situation, and he’s since won the internet’s heart. Eric Cancino, a 27-year-old Seattle resident, posted his little “hack” to keep his chicken nuggets warm on his drive home.

Yep, he’s using his Mazda’s passenger seat warmer to keep his nuggets from catching a chill. And 23,000 retweets and 76,000 likes later, his hack has made him internet-famous. Cancino, who tweeted that the fame was “overrated,” told Buzzfeed that the 10 nuggets and two chicken sandwiches in the bag stayed nice and toasty when he got home.

"That’s where I normally put my food since I’m usually alone. I had bought this new car and was hyped on the heated seats, so it just made sense,” he told BuzzFeed, adding, “The seats in my car get way too hot for any normal person’s ass."

For some people, realizing that “hockey stick” button was actually a seat warmer was an epiphany in itself. Many were blown away at his innovative use of the feature.

Some were immediately inspired to try it for themselves...

...even using the trick to thaw out ice cream.

As with any viral Twitter discovery, many others pointed out that they’ve been doing this for years, with one even proving that McDonald’s itself once promoted this method of keeping food warm.

And of course, McDonald's arch-rival Wendy’s had to jump in the mix and throw shade on the whole thing.

We’re guessing Cancino, who’s only had his car for a week, doesn’t mind replacing that new car smell with the glorious, greasy scent of nuggets.

We reached out to Cancino but haven't heard back yet (he's on the West Coast), but we'll update this article when we do. Because we're sure he'll have something interesting to say. This guy is a legend.