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Guy Fieri tops his giant barbecue chicken sandwich with crunchy potato chips

The Food Network star takes Hoda and Jenna to Flavortown with a fully loaded chicken sandwich.
/ Source: TODAY

Food Network star, restaurateur and cookbook author Guy Fieri is stopping by TODAY to share a few of his favorite recipes from his restaurant Chicken Guy! He shows us how to make crispy chicken tenders in an air fryer, crunchy coleslaw, a crispy chicken sandwich and a smoky chipotle margarita.

This is the ultimate barbecue sandwich because it takes my super crunchy chicken tenders and my crispy, creamy coleslaw and piles them on a toasty bun with special sauce, zesty seasonings, pickles, cheese and chips.

Fieri used the Ninja 4-quart Ceramic Air Fryer on the show. It has a wide temperature range — from 105-degrees to 400-degrees Farenheit — and can be used to cook food with up to 75% less fat than traditional frying methods.

These are the best chicken tenders you'll ever taste! They're juicy and tender on the inside, but also super crunchy on the outside. Air frying them keeps them crisp and golden without adding too much extra oil.

This is my go-to slaw recipe. It's crunchy, creamy and flavorful, so it pairs perfectly with all things barbecue.

Putting barbecue sauce in a drink might sound pretty out there, but it really amps up the smoky flavors in this citrusy cocktail.

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