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Guacamole Cheese is made with real avocados

A Dutch cheese company blended fresh avocados with creamy cheese and people aren't quite sure what to think.
/ Source: TODAY

When life gives you avocados, make ... guacamole cheese?

Dutch cheese company Daily Dairy has officially merged two very lovable foods into one extremely divisive product.

Meet Amanti Guacamole Cheese. Starting Wednesday, it will be available for the first time in the U.S. at The Fresh Market, a North Carolina-based grocery store chain with 161 locations in 22 states. The store is debuting the zesty green wedges just in time for folks to plan their ultimate Cinco de Mayo spreads.

The Fresh Market

The cheese is part Daily Dairy's line of specialty Amanti cow's milk cheeses that are infused with different herbs, sauces and spices. Current flavors include red pesto, cumin, black pepper and olive, and more. They're distinct, but none are quite as eye-catching as this bright-green wheel.

The Guacamole Cheese, according to Fresh Market dietician Meghan Flynn, is a creamy, Gouda-style, hard cheese that blends real avocados with lime juice, chili, tomato, onion and garlic. Flynn recommends melting it over nachos or into queso for a "festive dip."

The cheese, on its own, is firm with some heat that lingers after each bite. Anyone who is a fan Pepper Jack, may be pleasantly surprised by the flavor of this spicy guacamole cheese, that is if they don't mind it being a deep green color.

But how does one actually add avocado to cheese? It's not like a dried spice or fruit, since avocados are already wet and creamy like cheese.

"Avocado puree is added right before they [Daily Dairy cheesemakers] press the cheese curd into shape to keep the puree as fresh as possible," Flynn told TODAY Food.

Pulled Pork Nachos

Despite the popular combination of guacamole and cheese on dipping vessels like nacho chips, the cheese is already experiencing some strong reactions on Twitter.

There are those who are very wary.

Some are torn between disgust and intrigue.

And many won't even give the cheese a chance.

There are tweeters, however, who think the flavor combination is a perfect fusion of flavor.

Even those with disgruntled reactions, however, would likely agree guac and cheese is a more palatable pairing than, say, lattes served in avocados or melted marshmallow Peeps on pizza, both of which are unapologetically real.

Those who are enticed enough to taste a slice of this guac-y Gouda better hurry. Flynn told TODAY that the Guacamole Cheese, which costs $25 per pound and can be purchased in wedges of various sizes, will only be sold for a limited time while supplies last. If there's more demand down the line, the store will consider bringing Guacamole Cheese back before the next Mexican holiday.