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One Walmart was selling eggs for $2 and people were shell-shocked

“Does it include the eggs? Or is it just the cardboard?” asked one person.
Indianapolis - Circa January 2023: Egg display at Walmart. Egg prices have gone up due to inflation and widespread bird flu.
Egg display at Walmart.Jonathan Weiss / Alamy Stock Photo

Amid recent soaring egg prices, the price of a carton at one Walmart in the South has people very eggcited.

On Feb. 15, NBC affiliate WLEX in Lexington, Kentucky shared a photo on Facebook of a Walmart egg display showing 18-count cartons of eggs on sale for the low, low price of $2.

“Spotted at Walmart Harrodsburg,” reads the caption of the post. Although the image was first posted on the Harrodsburg, Kentucky Walmart’s own Facebook page, WLEX's post received over a thousand comments in a little over 24 hours, with most people astonished by the slashed price.

“That’s for 18! Wish I lived closer,” commented one Facebook user.

“Does it include the eggs? Or is it just the cardboard?” joked another person.

"The Swifties really did it didn’t they,” wrote another user, referring to a Grammys moment where Swift’s legion of fans were tasked with lowering egg prices by host Trevor Noah. “They can truly accomplish anything.”

“Here the 18 eggs are $11.00+,” commented someone from California. Many other commenters reacted to the comment with shock and sad emoji reactions, which must mirror Californians in the dairy aisle of their local supermarket.

“I’m fairly certain this batch of eggs is getting closer to expiration date is why they’ve lowered the price,” hypothesized another person, but a commenter who claimed to be an employee at the store in question refuted this idea.

“I am an employee at (the) store,” they replied. “All new dates we got pallets of them come get your eggs.”

The price of eggs around the country have caused a nationwide eggsistential crisis, with a few factors to blame for the high prices: inflation, supply chain challenges and the deadliest avian flu outbreak in history. There have also been accusations of price gouging in the egg industry, most notably from Farm Action, an NGO for farmers that protects them from large corporations and monopolies.

Before you book tickets to central Kentucky so you can make all the quiches and frittatas your heart desires, we can confirm that this particular deal was short-lived — more of the exception than the rule.

In fact, the very same Walmart in Harrodsburg now lists a carton of 18 Great Value Large White Eggs for $4.56, according the store’s website (still a great deal!).

“We’re committed to providing the best prices so our customers can save money and live better,” a Walmart spokesperson said in a statement to Newsweek. “What happened involving the shipment of eggs to the Harrodsburg store demonstrates our ability to take advantage of these unique opportunities and quickly pass on those savings.”

Fortunately, according to recent reports, wholesale egg prices are starting to fall from record highs — so hopefully we can all feel some relief at the grocery store soon.