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Sushi counters may be coming to Costco. Here’s what we know so far

Hype about Costco’s rumored fresh sushi counter has been building for a while.
/ Source: TODAY

Could Costco’s latest food offering give the $1.50 hot dog combo a run for its money?

It looks like the big-box retailer may start selling freshly made sushi outside of Japan and Hawaii (where it's currenly sold) — at least, according to a photo making the rounds on Reddit this week.

A shopper spotted a Kirkland Signature Sushi counter under construction at Costco’s flagship warehouse in Issaquah, Washington, and snapped a photo.

“Employee saw me taking a picture and told me it opens this coming Friday, 6/9,” Redditor u/Independent_Laugh_11 wrote. “Can’t wait to try it! Hoping it’s much better than the pre-packaged variety they’ve sold in the past.”

It’s true that Costco already sells pre-packaged sushi platters, but a sushi counter with rolls made fresh in-house would be a very different kettle of fish.

Online hype about Costco’s sushi counter has been building for some time.

Last month, another Reddit user, u/SaltyBabe, shared a close-up photo of what they said was a food cooler at Costco’s Issaquah location.

“Please excuse our dust. Kirkland Signature Sushi coming soon,” a sign above the cooler read.

“An employee who looked fairly corporate hanging out by the sign, when I asked him to move so I could take this photo, told me it’ll be open in four weeks and it’s the ONLY one right now!!” the Redditor posted at the time. “I’m so excited!!”

"My store has this section under construction too in the Bay Area — so is there going to be a sushi chef or something???" asked another Reddit user in the same thread.

Costco declined to comment when reached by

In the meantime, the very concept of Costco sushi is sparking some strong reactions on social media. 

Let’s face it: Grocery store sushi doesn’t have the most amazing reputation, and several Reddit users shared horror stories about their experiences with Costco’s pre-made rolls.

“We’ve already had it in shoreline. It is f------ terrible,” one person wrote on Reddit. “The rice is hard and the fish is near flavorless. I’m not saying this as a sushi snob. I’ve eaten grocery store sushi and thought it was ok in a pinch (is there such a thing as a sushi pinch?).”

“If it’s the same sushi as in South Seattle Costco, then I agree — nothing to write home about,” another person wrote.

However, other commenters urged people not to confuse Costco’s pre-made sushi trays with its new (rumored!) fresh sushi offerings.

“This is (supposed) to be freshly made and rolled in the warehouse- the other sushi they carry comes from a distributor and is known to be horrible,” one person wrote on Reddit. “Which is why everyone is excited.”

“People acting like it’s the same pre-made stuff the other Costcos have don’t realize this is a totally different (new) thing,” the original Reddit poster replied. “I’m going to try it and report back.”

Of course, the big catch is that — at least initially — it looks like a fresh sushi counter will only open at Costco's flagship warehouse in Issaquah, where the retailer often tests out new concepts and products.

But if it’s a hit, who knows? Maybe fresh sushi will soon be rolled out at a Costco near you.