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Grasshoppers are invading Las Vegas, so this pizzeria came up with a solution

Are they hopping mad or just making the best of a bad situation?
/ Source: TODAY

When it comes to bad situations, one can always try to turn lemons into lemonade. But what about turning grasshoppers into ... pizza?

A real-life horror movie is currently transpiring in Las Vegas, where swarms of grasshoppers have been invading Sin City in recent weeks.

Now, one local pizzeria has decided to take some topping inspiration from the city's newest residents.

Las Vegas-based pizza spot Evel Pie has just introduced a grasshopper-topped pizza called The Canyon Hopper. It's made with chorizo, goat cheese, caramelized onions, arugula and, of course, grasshoppers. But these grasshoppers aren't just any grasshoppers: they've been roasted with garlic and lime.

"What started out as a joke amongst our stoner friends has swept the nation. When you all were fighting over Pineapple on Pizza our pizza chefs were planning one better - The Canyon Hopper!" the pizzeria posted on Facebook.

But why?

When talk of the grasshopper plague first hit Las Vegas, Evel Pie managing partner Branden Powers was, like many local business owners, worried about protecting his shop from an onslaught of grasshoppers. But then he had a change of heart and realized there was a big opportunity to make headlines.

Evel Pie

Powers located some chili-lime flavored dried grasshoppers from Oaxaca, Mexico (they were "free range!" he told TODAY enthusiastically), then he and restaurant general manager Corey Horan collaborated on a new pizza.

"I was inspired by the spirit of Evel Knievel [the pizzeria's namesake], who put Las Vegas on the map with his first historic jump. I thought of my grandma Dollie Powers, who would have continued smoking at her slot machine with her oxygen tank while a grasshopper horde of biblical proportions loomed outside," Powers told TODAY. "Both, when [up] against the odds, laughed and overcame. That's Las Vegas."

Sadly, the restaurant isn't able to use the wild grasshoppers to top its pizzas with due to a potential health hazard. All of the grasshoppers are shipped in from Oaxaca.

This certainly isn't the first pizza with outlandish toppings that Evel Pie has produced.

Currently on the menu is the Snake River Special, which features sausage made with real rattlesnake meat.

Those looking to try a slice should hop to Las Vegas soon as the new grasshopper pizza is only available at Evel Pie's Fremont Street location in Las Vegas, while supplies last.

Grasshoppers may not be as common as pepperoni when it comes to pizza toppings in the U.S., but in Mexico they're known as chapulines. They make a wonderfully crunchy taco filling and add an extra punch of protein to traditional guacamole. Dr. Oz recently explained that due to their protein content, grasshoppers may even help you live longer.

While unsightly, the swarms of grasshoppers are not dangerous as the bugs do not carry disease and do not bite humans. Experts have attributed their relatively sudden appearance to the unseasonably wet weather that swept through the region a few months ago.