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/ Source: TODAY recipes

Red wine: What Prince Charles likes

Royal: Vega Sicilia Valbuena ($130) or Unico ($450)

The rest of us: Emilio Moro Finca Risalso ($17)

Prince Charles is a fan of Vega Sicilia one of the greatest wines of Spain — and one of the priciest. From the same region, Ribera del Duero, you can get Emilio Moro’s Finca Risalso for less than $20 —not bad for a terrific wine from one of Ribera’s best producers.

Champagne, sparkling wineRoyal: Bollinger RD 1997 ($550 Magnum)

The rest of us: Tiamo Prosecco ($14.99)The Bollinger RD was served at the wedding of Charles and Diana, and is one of the world's greatest Champagnes. Now, there's a RUMOR that a rival Champagne-Pol Roger-is going to be served at one of the events. But so far that's just a rumor. In the meantime, this Tiamo Prosecco is crisp, appealing and affordable, plus the name means "I love you," in Italian. Which makes it great for any wedding, really.

White wine: What Kate likes
Royal: 2008 Chateau Fieuzal White Bordeaux ($70)

The rest of us: 2009 Plantagenet Semillon Sauvignon Blanc ($13)

Kate Middleton is a white wine fan, and this white Bordeaux is both terrific and has a crown in its logo. It's made from Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc. This is a wine from Plantagenet, in Australia-a former English colony, of course-and it's about $60 cheaper.

Red wine: What William likes
Royal: Marquis de Angerville Volnay Fremiets 1er Cru 2002 ($70)

The rest of us: King Estate "Acrobat" Pinot Noir 2009 ($20)

Prince William is a red wine fan, and this particular wine is one that's actually in the Royal Cellars. It's a red Burgundy, which means it's made from Pinot Noir; you can get a great Pinot Noir that's a bit less royal from King Estate in Oregon for $20..

Dessert wine
Royal: Christopher's Rare Old Verdelho ($395 a bottle)

The rest of us: Rare Wine Company Boston Bual Madeira ($45) For something truly special I went to the Rare Wine Company in California, which specializes in things like this Verdelho, which was bottled in 1969 for Charles's investiture as crown prince. It's extremely expensive! Now, $45 isn't exactly cheap, but for a Madeira-also from the Rare Wine Company-that's pretty great.