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'Like father like son': See Gordon Ramsay's 1-year-old son show off his scowl

Gordon Ramsay's son made a very Gordon Ramsay-like face.
/ Source: TODAY

Gordon Ramsay is known for hosting shows like "Hell's Kitchen," for being a celebrity chef and for having quite a temper.

And based on a new Instagram photo he posted of his young son, Oscar, it looks like the genes are being passed along.

"Good morning like father like son......." Ramsay wrote in the caption, adding a second photo of himself with a not-totally dissimilar expression. In the first photo, Oscar, who's 17 months old, is sitting at the table with a scowly look, his long blond locks tousled. We can practically feel his temper through the picture!

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Oscar is a bit of a latecomer when it comes to the Ramsay family. Gordon Ramsay, 53, and wife Tana married in 1996 and have four other children: Megan, 22; Holly and Jack, 20; and Matilda, 18.

Fortunately, we know Oscar can smile, thanks to pictures like this one in which he's swimming with his dad last month:

Still, Oscar has lots of fans, including Kelly Clarkson. In May, when Ramsay and Oscar appeared on "The Kelly Clarkson Show" for a virtual chat, she laughed, "I know this is a weird statement but I kinda want to eat your baby, he's so cute."

We have a hard time disagreeing, but based on this photo maybe Oscar wants to eat us!