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Gordon Ramsay's daughter Tilly confirms she prefers her mom's cooking

The 19-year-old isn't shy about sharing her opinions!
/ Source: TODAY

Gordon Ramsay’s 19-year-old daughter, Matilda Ramsay, may have a celebrity chef as her father but that doesn't mean she wants him to cook for her all the time. The younger Ramsay is doubling down on her opinion and in a funny new TikTok video, confirmed that she does prefer one parent's cooking over the other's. Spoiler alert: she hasn't had a change of heart!

Matilda, who goes by Tilly, posted a TikTok Friday offering her take on the social media trend featuring Ciara’s song “Got Me Good.” Her video includes a sound bite with a repetitious cheer that begins slowly and eventually transitions into an upbeat tempo.

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“When dad says he’s cooking dinner....” she wrote at the start of the video. Meanwhile, she can be seen dancing unenthusiastically in the background while her dad stirs a pot on a stove in the foreground.


Guess who’s cooking I prefer 😳🤫 @gordonramsayofficial #fyp

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The video then cuts to a clip of her mom, Tana Ramsay, cooking at the stove while Tilly begins to hop around the kitchen excitedly. The caption over the second high-energy clip continued, “VS. When mum says she’s cooking dinner.”

She captioned the post simply, writing, "Guess who’s cooking I prefer" along with both a flushed face emoji and a shushing face emoji.

This isn’t the first time Tilly has admitted that she prefers her mother's cooking instead of her father’s. The “MasterChef” star shared his daughter’s “This or That” TikTok video to his Instagram in December and in the clip, father and daughter choose between two different options. Naturally, one of those tough decisions came down to “Mums cooking” versus “Dads cooking.”

Ramsay, 54, chose his own culinary abilities while Tilly weaved in the opposite direction, showing she liked her mom’s meals more.

Tilly’s TikTok is full of plenty of content featuring her famous father. The two have participated in a slew of TikTok trends, including some of the app's popular dances as well as a prank or two.

Last month, the "Hell's Kitchen" host appeared on his daughter’s TikTok once again for a hilarious prank. In the short clip, Tilly pretended to do a magic trick where she balanced an egg on top of an open water bottle and made the egg “disappear.”

While her dad leaned over the water bottle to see where the egg went, Tilly gave the water bottle a quick squeeze, splashing water directly onto his face. If that wasn’t enough of a surprise, she then cracked the raw egg over his head before running off.

The TV chef and father of five has not only appeared on his daughter’s TikTok channel, but is also active on his own account. In between reviewing other TikTok users' cooking videos, Ramsay roasted another familiar face on his TikTok: his 21-year-old daughter, Holly.


Holly !! I thought I taught you better #duet with @hollyannaramsay #ramsayreacts #fyp

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Ramsay posted a duet of one of Holly’s videos where she tries out his potato gnocchi recipe. Throughout the clip, he critiques her technique, including scolding her for not peeling the potatoes before she boiled them and pointed out that her potatoes were "not even cooked properly.”

“Young lady, you should know better,” he jokingly concluded his roast. “Shame on you, Holly!”