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'Fries near me': Google searches reveal America's Election Day stress eats

Americans are clearly doing whatever they can to get through the stress of election week.
High angle view of friends eating burger and french fries at table in cafe
What have you been stress eating this week? Maskot / Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

Americans are still heavily divided about politics, but there's one bipartisan issue that we can all seem to agree on during election week: The stress eating struggle is real.

As we all await the results of the presidential election, many Americans are turning to food to help ease their anxiety and several food trends have quickly emerged as clear winners.

On Tuesday night, the @GoogleTrends Twitter account posted a photo of the top five food-related searches from Election Day along with the caption "Are you thinking about food, this #ElectionDay? You are not alone."

As it turns out, hungry Americans were searching for pizza, Chinese food, liquor stores, sushi and Mexican food in droves — in that exact order — as they watched the votes roll in on election night.

Later in the night, Google Trends shared another update, this time revealing that two particular search terms — "fries near me" and "liquor stores near me" — were at an all-time high.

Arizona, California and Nevada led the pack with the most searches for fries, while Delaware, Maryland and Tennessee were all eagerly looking for a little liquid courage. Other popular related searches included "cheese fries" and "open liquor store."

Some Twitter users joined the conversation to admit that they were indeed searching for fries or booze.

Others were pretty surprised to see that their fellow citizens weren't already well prepared with greasy food and alcohol on speed dial.

A plethora of social media users took to Twitter in solidarity with their fellow stress eaters and shared the foods that have helped them get through this week.

Some folks were eagerly eating lots of carbs, bread in particular.

Others were rapidly munching on other kinds of delightful snacks.

Most Twitter users were in agreement: During election week, it's OK to eat whatever the heck you want.

Really, everyone just wanted the election results to officially come in so they could stop stress eating.

Americans are clearly doing whatever they can to get through the stress of election week, and we're not surprised to see that fries and liquor rank pretty high on their list. Because honestly, whether you're a Democrat or a Republican, we can all agree that that's one heck of a combo.

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