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Google reveals the 20 most searched recipes of 2020

This year, we were searching for comfort.
Sourdough and banana bread made the list, but so did whipped coffee and chaffles.
Sourdough and banana bread made the list, but so did whipped coffee and chaffles. Katty Huertas / TODAY
/ Source: TODAY

Google just released its Year in Search for 2020 — including the top recipes searches — and there's a strong likelihood you tried making at least one of these during the pandemic. As people sheltered in place trying to avoid coronavirus, many of us got reacquainted with our kitchens, making the most comforting recipes (and even a few favorites that reminded us of vacations past) from the safety of home.

It's no surprise that sourdough was the number one Google recipe search for 2020. This was the year we learned what a starter is and shared pictures on social media of our baking triumphs (and of course, some of our most epic kitchen fails, too).

The top 10 Google searches for recipes were:

1. Sourdough bread

This is the bread recipe that made home bakers out of many of us and the internet was instrumental in providing tips on technique. Sourdough bread led some to discover how to make a starter while others just enjoyed the meditative act of kneading and rolling dough.

Whole-Wheat Sourdough Bread

2. Whipped coffee

Whipped coffee, also known as dalgona coffee, gained momentum as a TikTok trend during the spring, turning many of us into fancy baristas. This highly Instagrammable drink, with beautiful peaks of whipped instant coffee floating over iced milk is actually easy to make.

3. Disney churro

While Disney parks were closed due to COVID-19, people still enjoyed some of their favorite theme park treats including Churro Bites, which Disney shared the recipe for on its Disney Parks Blog. The warm smell of cinnamon definitely provided some comfort to those missing the Mouse!

Vanilla Bean Churros with Chocolate Dipping Sauce

4. Dole Whip

The recipe for Dole Whip is a tightly-guarded secret, but that didn't stop fans for searching how to make it in 2020. In April, Disney shared the recipe for "Frozen Pineapple Treat" which is similar but not exactly the same as Dole Whip, which is dairy-free.

5. DoubleTree cookie

DoubleTree's chocolate chip cookies are so well-loved that hotel-goers searched Google to recreate the yummy recipe at home this year. Ingredients including freshly squeezed lemon juice, rolled oats and a pinch of cinnamon make these truly next level.

6. Ikea meatballs

The world's largest furniture retailer did us all a solid by sharing the recipe for their iconic Swedish meatballs so people could make them at home during coronavirus. The best part was that the recipe was presented as a diagram, similar to their furniture assembly instructions (well, the best part besides eating them!).

7. Chaffle

A combination of the words "cheese" and "waffle" these waffles made from egg-cheese batter became popular with those on a keto or gluten-free diet. Fans of low-carb recipe ideas took to this concoction in a big way, insisting that it really is delicious.

8. Hamburger bun

Making your own soft and fluffy burger buns is as good a pastime as any during quarantine and people evidently searched this one for the best recipes. Not into making buns from scratch? Try Chrissy Teigen's genius hack for hamburger buns that are truly exceptional.

California-style Burger

9. Egg salad sandwich

Comforting, filling and easy to make, egg salad sandwich recipes were highly searched this year and it's no wonder why. This version with potato chips on top will have you craving seconds.

Mama Guarnaschelli's Double Decker Sandwich

10. Healthy banana bread

2020 was the year we all perfectly timed our bananas in order to fill our homes with the comforting smell of baking banana bread. We're not sure about a healthy version unless of course it includes chocolate chips!

So what do these recipes say about our year in lockdown? For one thing many of them are nostalgic or comforting. The recipes people searched for were (for the most part) carb-laden, sweet and easy to make with just a few simple ingredients.

"Lists are based on search terms that had the highest spike this year as compared to the previous year," according to Google.

If you haven't made any of these yet, it's not too late to try one before the year is over. After all, avocado and egg on homemade sourdough is perfect anytime of the year!