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Breakfast just got sassier! 'Golden Girls' cereal has officially arrived

The brightly colored cereal is the latest in a line of food products inspired by Blanche, Rose, Dorothy and Sophia.
Image: The Golden Girls
Rue McClanahan as Blanche Devereux, Estelle Getty as Sophia Petrillo, Bea Arthur as Dorothy Petrillo Zbornak, Betty White as Rose NylundNBC / NBC via Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

"Golden Girls" has been off the air for decades, but its fanbase is holding steady as devotees of the hit comedy show have recently been able to enjoy everything from pop-up cafes to themed hot sauces inspired by the series.

The latest food item inspired by the "Girls" is a limited-edition tribute cereal that's available exclusively at select Target stores across the country.

A representative for Funko (the brand behind the cereal known for its pop culture-inspired products) told TODAY Food that Target started selling the cereal on Sept. 30, with a pretty hefty price tag of $7.99 per box, and it's already been flying off the shelves (and pretty hard to find) at several locations.

But, according to those on social media who have persevered, boxes of the breakfast cereal are still out there in some spots! Others who haven't been so lucky still really, really want it.

Some avid fans are also tweeting directly at Target, asking for more details on specific locations that may have the cereal in stock. So far, the retailer has been responding to some inquiries with helpful information.

If you are in a Target store and can't find the cereal on the shelves, don't hesitate to ask an employee if they have any boxes in the back ... they just might!

The multi-grain cereal is, sadly, not golden in color (missed opportunity there!), but rather a bright blue hue and comes in little rings. Each box does come with a collectable toy of one of the four "Golden Girls" ladies inside, which makes sense ... why else would we spend $8 on something that's basically a box of blue Cheerios?

Nostalgia, that’s why.

The representative for Funko told TODAY that once the cereal runs out in stores there are no plans "as of now" for it to return but we're sure intrepid fans will find other ways to scoop it up in unofficial ways, like those eBay auctions where the cereal and collectable figures are already on sale!