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Gigantic Froot Loops now exist — but they're not actually cereal

Dreams really do come true.
/ Source: TODAY

Froot Loops cereal just took breakfast way out of the (cereal) box.

The colorful Kellogg’s cereal has teamed up with fast food giants Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s to bring Froot Loop eaters the best breakfast mashup yet: the Froot Loop mini doughnut.

The new menu item hit stores Wednesday and already has plenty of people pining for the larger-than-average "cereal" rings.

The pastries come in a personal-sized pack of five brightly-colored mini pastries, making the breakfast blend the perfect treat to share … or to keep all for yourself!

The cereal meets baked-good combo allegedly tastes exactly like the iconic cereal, according to many taste testers — and they even smell just like them, too! Of course, every different colored Froot Loop is actually the same flavor ... but that's another story.

The wild berry flavor option, launched in May, also brought a star shape into the traditionally circular mix.Edelman/Kellogg's

This latest Froot Loops news comes just months after the sugary breakfast staple introduced its first new flavor in 10 years, surprising fans everywhere with a wild berry twist on the traditional mix.

And this isn’t the first time Froot Loops has entered the world of breakfast-inspired desserts either. Kellogg's brought a Froot Loops milkshake to Burger King back in 2017 for a limited time. The shake was a blend of vanilla soft serve and Froot Loops cereal pieces.

Each doughnut pack retails for $1.99, but if you absolutely love fruit-flavored cereal, you should grab a pack of Froot Loops’ newest sweet treat before it's too late since the chain says they won't be around forever.