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Giada uses this simple trick to turn leftover pasta into a whole new meal

"Using some leftovers from Jade's dinner last night to make her lunch today."
/ Source: TODAY

Giada De Laurentiis has a brilliant trick for turning leftover pasta into a brand new meal that kids — including her 11-year-old daughter Jade — will totally want for lunch.

With plenty of us home from school and work and cooking most of our meals at home, fans of the 49-year-old Food Network star and frequent TODAY contributor have been requesting recipes that make good use of leftovers. Earlier this week, Giada and Jade had fun in the kitchen cooking up some amazing-looking pomodoro — a quick but delicious dish consisting of pasta, tomatoes, olive oil and other simple ingredients.

Giada shared a cute pic of Jade serving up the tasty-looking pasta on Instagram.

"Chef Jade serving up pomodoro 🍝😍," Giada captioned the photo of her daughter using two wooden spoons to scoop up all that carb-laden goodness. She added the hashtags #proudmama and #mommymoments to her post as the duo are clearly trying to make the best of this time to stay at home.

Surprisingly, there must have been enough leftovers of this mouth-watering dish for Giada to create a brand-new recipe with, and it's one that she teased last week on her Instagram page.

"Lots of ppl asking what else they can do w/ pasta & marinara...pasta pizza!" she captioned a photo of an amazing dish that brings together two of our favorite foods into one highly crave-able dish. "My mom made this for me growing up & it’s great bc you can eat cold for bfast or lunch too. Use whatever pasta you have (doesn’t need to be spaghetti) sauce, a little cheese + egg. You can also throw in veggies if u have," she wrote, sharing the link to the easy recipe.

In her Instagram stories, De Laurentiis leads us through a simple step-by-step recipe for turning yesterday's pasta into today's lunch.

"Using some leftovers from Jade's dinner last night to make her lunch today," she says in her video. "Here we go!"

De Laurentiis mixes up the pasta with one egg and some Parmesan cheese and pours it into a hot, oiled skillet (she used olive oil but you can use regular oil, she notes). "I just press it down...the egg will keep it together," she says. "Right now we just sit and we wait for it to get nice and brown on the bottom."

De Laurentiis then turns the stove off, puts a plate over the pan, and using a towel to make sure it doesn't slip out of her hands, flips it over onto a plate.

She then slides the pasta, which is already looking nicely browned and solidified, back into the pan on the uncooked side for one minute.


"I turn off the stove and let it sit for a minute once it's cooked on the other side," she says. "Try to do it in a non-stick pan so it just slides out. And it's like a little pizza cake. Then I cut it up and top it with a little arugula and lunch is ready!"


The finished dish, which she captions "Jades lunch," looks absolutely delectable. (Lucky Jade!)


If only Giada delivered.