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Giada explains to Al why divorce was her biggest career setback

Giada makes a simple antipasti sandwich while discussing her advice to women during the #MeToo era and the question she's most sick of being asked.
/ Source: TODAY

In the fifth installment of Al Roker's new, original series "COLD CUTS," he welcomes his longtime friend Giada De Laurentiis, chef, Food Network star, mom to Jade and hyper-enthusiastic "spaghetti" pronouncer.

Giada makes a simple yet satisfying antipasti sandwich on ficelle bread featuring mortadella (not bologna!), fresh mozzarella, basil pesto and fried capers, while discussing major lessons learned from her divorce, the question she's most sick of being asked and her advice for women pursuing careers in the culinary industry, particularly during the #MeToo era.

Al is piling on the meats and piling on the questions!

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You're going to love Giada's sandwich, whether you pronounce it "mozz-a-RELL-a" or "motz-a-rell":