Get your lover in the mood with oyster recipes

Oysters are perhaps the ultimate aphrodisiac to romance your lover. But just how would you prepare these seafood morsels to help you and your lover get in the mood? Oyster Bar executive chef Sandy Ingber shares recipes for a romantic meal to share with your significant other this Valentine's Day.

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Yield: 4 appetizers Servings
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Oysters RockefellerSandy Ingber

To prepare oysters

Preheat oven to 475 degrees or heat broiler.

Open 12 Bluepoint Oysters and place on a baking platter.

Remove oysters from the shells and reserve.

Fill each shell with about 1 tbsp. of creamed spinach (see below).

Place one oyster on top of spinach and place oysters on baking platter.

Bake 2 to 3 minutes or until oysters begin to slightly cook.

Remove tray from oven and top each oyster with Hollandaise sauce, mornay sauce or parmesan cheese.

Brown lightly and serve

To prepare creamed spinach

Place defrosted spinach in colander. Place in vegetable steamer and cook for 4 minutes. Squeeze out all excess water from spinach. Place cooked spinach on a cutting board and chop until fine but not pureed.

Transfer any prepared chopped spinach that is not going to be used immediately to clear plastic container and refrigerate.  Do not hold cooked and chopped spinach for longer than one day.

Transfer chopped spinach to a double boiler and add cream, salt, white pepper and nutmeg.

Heat spinach to 140°.

Note: Holding spinach at too high of a temperature will cause it to discolor; creamed spinach should be prepared no more than 2 hours in advance. Spinach may be prepped in bulk to the cooked and chopped stage, and then refrigerated. To make creamed spinach, add rest of ingredients and heat as needed. Cooked and chopped spinach has a 1-day shelf life.