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Get ready for fall with Sandra Lee's applesauce pancakes and fruit crumble

Sandra Lee uses store-bought applesauce and canned fruit cocktail to make delicious dessert and breakfast recipes.
/ Source: TODAY

Classic recipes don't have to be complicated. Sandra Lee is joining TODAY to showcase how she uses store-bought applesauce to turn plain pancakes into a special breakfast and then makes a delicious dessert. She also uses canned fruit cocktail to whip up a simple yet elegant sangria.

This apple crumble is sweet, soft and crunchy — all at the same time. All you need is a few minutes to prepare the ingredients, my favorite four-ingredient DIY baking mix (or any standard pancake mix) and then just let the oven do the work.

If you loved the taste of Apple Jacks cereal as a kid, then these sweet, fall-flavored pancakes will be your new favorite way to wake up. The mix is incredibly easy to whip up in just a few minutes and you don't need any fancy ingredients. Top things off with my apple butter syrup.

Sangria is always a simple way to make everyone smile. It’s a delicate and lovely libation that can be adapted with any fruits that are in season. My trick? Use frozen fruit cocktail to make it super special.