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Get inspired to drink more water with these pretty pitchers and bottles

We all know we should drink more water, but reusing the same old crushed plastic bottle isn't helping the case. It's time for an upgrade!
/ Source: TODAY

We all know we should drink more water but reusing the same old flimsy crushed plastic bottle isn't helping the case. It's time for an upgrade with a pretty pitcher or enhanced bottle to entice you to sip away on the H20. If you can't stand plain water, try unsweetened tea, sparkling water, flavored water or infuse plain water with fresh fruit.

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Remind you of your high school chemistry class? This tall beaker-like glass pitcher is an elegant way to remind you to chug your H20 and will also look great when filled with a boozy punch and placed on your bar cart. $8,

Crate & Barrel

This bright curvy pitcher is a beautiful functional sculpture. $18,


The Brita-alternative for hipsters, this sleek filtered water pitcher has a sustainable white oak handle and uses a filter that's made with coconut carbon and a plant-based casing. $39,

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This aquamarine ombre pitcher is made from recycled glass. $32,

West Elm

Well, if you fall off the water wagon, this minimalist white ceramic jug can always double as a vase. $39,


This dainty lightweight glass pitcher makes a great housewarming or wedding shower gift. $36,

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Pottery Barn

Personalize this classic glass pitcher with a monogram. $19 with monogram,


A removable infusion core holds your favorite fruits in this hand-blown glass pitcher. Strawberry water anyone? $40,

Zing Anything

This pitcher has a built-in muddler for releasing the juices of your favorite fruits and a built-in strainer. Hmm...sounds like a great tool for sangria too. $40,

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The first thing people notice on my desk at 30 Rock is this cheery pitcher. Besides being able to hold two quarts of water, my favorite feature is its airtight lid so I can squeeze and drop in a lemon, then shake the dickens out of it without spilling. $20,

This glass bottle called the Love Bottle comes in 16 designs and five percent of every purchase is donated to one of three charities: Global Water, Arbor Day Foundation and No Kid Hungry. So with every sip you can remind yourself you're helping the world! $25,

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The top of this 34-ounce bottle doesn't just filter water, it also has a compartment to hold a piece of fruit so you can infuse your water. $13,