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'Get Cooking with Al Roker': How to cook steak perfectly with a cast-iron skillet

The TODAY weatherman uses one of his favorite kitchen tools to make juicy steak with a buttery pan sauce.
/ Source: TODAY

Starting Monday, TODAY All Day’s new series "Get Cooking With…" will feature celebrity chefs and friends of the show hosting cooking demos from their home kitchens at 5 p.m. every night of the week. Each recipe takes just 30 minutes to make, so you'll be able to have dinner on the table by the end of the show!

On Monday, Al Roker kicks off the fun with two of his favorite tried-and-true recipes: a giant steak and a creamy cauliflower mash that will over any lover of mashed potatoes.

Check out the "Get Cooking With ..." grocery lists to stock up on what you need to make dinner with Al.

Sometimes nothing hits the spot quite like a big, honkin' steak. The key to a great steak isn't anything fancy, but I do believe it's important to start off with a great cut of meat — then all you need is a little sea salt and freshly cracked pepper to make a wow-worthy meal. To kick things up a notch, I like to make a simple pan sauce with butter, garlic and rosemary as the steak rests.

Swapping starchy potatoes for a nice cauliflower mash is the way to go if you're watching carbs ... or if you just love this cruciferous veggie. Simmering the cauliflower in milk, plus adding lots of butter, creates a rich and creamy side that will be gone in minutes.

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