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Game-day grub: Haitian pork griot and polenta corn dogs

Cook up something comforting for your own personal tailgate.

The Kansas City Chiefs are going up against the Las Vegas Raiders for Sunday Night Football. So, for this edition of TODAY Food Loves Football, Cherven Desauguste, executive chef at Mesob Restaurant in Kansas City, Missouri, is cooking up Haitian griot for the Chiefs, and Gina Marinelli, executive chef at La Strega in Las Vegas, Nevada, is repping the Raiders with her sausage and polenta corn dogs.

Haitian Pork Griot

Haitian Pork Griot

Cherven Desauguste

Griot is a rich, flavorful dish that is one of Haiti’s most popular foods. It's quick and easy to serve at parties and family gatherings. Cubes of pork are soaked in a sour orange marinade and then slow-roasted until tender. The tender morsels are then given a final fry in oil until delectably caramelized. Griot is undoubtedly a must when it comes to Haitian food. This dish goes great with plantains and a side of pikliz (pickled vegetable relish).

In this recipe, you take something that is so common and traditional, yet no one ever makes at home, and you twist it. Here, I am adding my Italian flare with polenta, harissa and sausages, and making an assortment of sauces to capture different cuisines. The sauces and toppings really can create a bar-like feel at your own personal tailgate.

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