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Galaxy bagels have landed to take over your breakfast universe

The creator of the original rainbow bagel has upped his game with a black, pink and blue bagel covered in edible glitter.
/ Source: TODAY

Rainbow bagels are so last year.

If you really want to impress on Instagram, you have to get your hands on a new galaxy bagel, which is a black, pink and blue bagel coated in edible blue and pink glitter.

The creation comes from Scot Rossillo, who created the original rainbow bagel for The Bagel Store in Brooklyn, New York, which created a huge social media buzz in 2015.

Rossillo showed off the process of making the bagel in a video for INSIDER. The base of the bagel is the same as the rainbow bagel, where different colors of dough are layered and then cut and twisted, but the galaxy bagel is then coated in an edible adhesive and covered with sugar glitter.

If you’re outside of New York, there's a wait list for the galaxy bagels to be shipped nationally.

Rossillo told TODAY that he is constantly coming up with ideas for new bagels, and had experimented with this combination of colors and sparkles before, but thought it would be great to introduce the bagels at the same time of the “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” movie release.

“The light shines through the glitter so well, you get beautiful color refraction,” Rossillo said. “It’s the elevation of art, beauty and bagels.”

If the galaxy bagel is a little too goth for you, there’s also a mermaid option available, which is a pink and blue bagel covered in the edible glitter. There’s even a “Baywatch” bagel in the works, Rossillo said — we can't wait to find out what that looks like.

The galaxy bagels can be filled with whatever you want, such as eggs and cheese, but with all that sugar, it’s probably best to stick to the theme. The Bagel Store recommends pairing it with Moon Rock Cream Cheese, which is basically cream cheese with Oreo cookie chunks.

Hey, calories don't count in space, right?


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