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Fun and easy! Steal this potsticker recipe

Find out how to make this Northern Chinese favorite — from chef Frank Fronda, of Café del Rey in Marina del Rey, Calif. — in your home kitchen.

In this special weekly feature, “Today” food editor Phil Lempert brings you recipes “stolen” (with permission) from notable restaurants across America. See how much fun you can have (and money you can save) by cooking these dishes at home!

Potstickers — or dumplings, as we know them — are a Northern Chinese favorite. These tasty morsels are commonly served as appetizer, side order, street food or as part of a dim sum menu.  The English name “potsticker” came about because of the crispy side of the dumpling that appears to have been “stuck” to the pot.  These are fun and oh, so easy to make!  Thanks to chef Frank Fronda from Café del Rey for letting us snag his recipe!

About the chef: A first-generation Italian-American who grew up in Brooklyn, Frank Fronda often accompanied his father, a fisherman, on his daily excursions and from a young age helped his mother prepare huge pots of pasta for the family. "My passion for creating and sharing a meal is a personal gift that I carry with me from my family," he says.

At 18, Fronda became one of the youngest graduates of the New York Restaurant School. After working at a few restaurants, he took a position at the Metropolitan Opera House, working under celebrated chef Didier Virot, who became the young chef’s influential mentor. Fronda moved on to become Chef de Cuisine at the Trustees Dining Room at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and later became Executive Chef at Napa Valley Grille in Paramus, N.J.. He then moved to California to open a new branch in Westwood. Fronda was also invited to appear as a featured chef at the James Beard House, a particularly rare honor for a chef of his young age.

Whether it’s an elaborate dish laced with foie gras and truffles or an old-fashioned plate of pasta like the ones his mom used to make, Fronda maintains a consistent customer-oriented philosophy: “I would never put something on a menu that I wouldn’t be interested in eating myself.”

Gingered Duck Potstickers is served at Café del Rey for $7.00 as an appetizer(Recipe is meant to serve 2 as an entrée)

1/2 pound ground boneless duck breast1/4 pound ground pork butt (or any other ground pork)1/4 pound ground chicken breast1 tablespoon orange zest1 teaspoon of Mirin1 teaspoon of soy sauce1 teaspoon chopped thyme1/2 teaspoon chopped sage1 teaspoon chopped rosemary1 tablespoon freshly ground chopped ginger2 tablespoon sweet Thai chili sauceSalt and pepper to taste1 scrambled raw egg1 package wonton wrappers

Steal This Recipe® step-by-step instructions
Add all ingredients, except the egg, to a large mixing bowl. Mix ingredients together. Spoon onto wonton wrappers. Use fingers to go around one half of the wrapper with egg wash. Fold over wrapper and seal edges with a fork. Steam potstickers in double boiler for 9 minutes.

Café del Rey4451 Admiralty Wy.Marina del Rey, CA

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