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Forget cocktails: Cool down with Alejandra Ramos' boozy ice pops this summer

Make these Dirty Shirley, mango-margarita and bourbon-peach pie ice pops for your next summer soiree.
/ Source: TODAY

Alejandra Ramos, host of "The Great American Recipe," is stopping by the TODAY kitchen to share some of her go-to cocktail recipes in easy-to-enjoy popsicle form. She shows us how to make frozen Dirty Shirley pops, mango-margarita ice pops and bourbon-peach pie ice pops — including her top tips for making the best boozy frozen treats.

5 important ice pop tips

  1. When making boozy popsicles, it's really important to stick to the recipe and resist the (yes very tempting!) urge to add more alcohol because alcohol doesn't freeze, and you'll just end up with a very slushy cocktail in an ice pop mold.
  2. A good ratio to keep in mind is 1 part alcohol and 5 parts nonalcohol, which is less than in a typical cocktail — you shouldn't just try to freeze your favorite drinks without modification (if you want to up the booze, you can always dunk the ice pop in a glass of rose or Champagne! Or just pour yourself a shot!).
  3. Sugar also keeps things from freezing, so it's important to have non-sugary elements in a cocktail (like water, fresh juices, dairy, etc.)
  4. If you're having trouble releasing ice pops from molds, dip the bottom in warm water for a few seconds.
  5. If you don't have ice pop molds, use paper cups or ice cube molds.
Dirty Shirley Ice Pops

A frozen ice pop version of everyone's new favorite summer cocktail — the vodka-spiked Shirley Temple.

Mango Margarita Pops with Lime Salt

The ultimate sweet summer cocktail — on a stick. Just add chips and salsa!

Bourbon Peach Pie Ice Pops

Bourbon and peach are a perfect pair — especially in this cooling summer treat.

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