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Fire up the grill for the Fourth with grilled steak, chicken and Buffalo wings

Get the grill going for a festive cookout to celebrate Independence Day.
/ Source: TODAY

Mark Anderson and Ryan Fey, aka The Grill Dads are firing up the grill for a fun and flavorful Fourth of July celebration. They're stopping by TODAY to cook up a few of their favorite cookout recipes from their cookbook, "The Best Grilling Cookbook Ever Written By Two Idiots." They show us how to make Argentine picanha steak with red chimichurri, a barbecued chicken to beat all others and spicy grilled "better-than-Buffalo" wings.

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Since the inception of social media, we've seen food trends come in hot then slowly fade into the shadows, year after year. (RIP, kale.) Picanha, however, came in hot but is here to stay. This cut, which was first celebrated in South America, is finally having its day here. And for good reason. It is as tender as a filet, as beefy as a sirloin and as marbled as a rib-eye. It also features an iconic fat cap that is rich and smooth when cooked.

We heard that in fancy culinary schools, the first thing they teach you is how to make amazing chicken with just salt. We weren't admitted to any of those schools, so we can't confirm. Regardless, this chicken recipe is intentionally simple and intentionally first in the chapter to establish some fundamentals. Oh, and also to make epically delicious chicken.

The word count is high on this recipe, but it is mainly about how to buy a whole chicken and break it down. We personally find this process therapeutic. Don't let it scare you off. You can get a butcher to do this or buy the parts already separated.

Better-Than-Buffalo Wings

This is no dig on the actual wings from Buffalo (which are just called wings there). We're talking about the wings at thousands of sports bars around the country that are soggy, sad and fried in the same oil as the fish and chips. Gross. We dry brine these wings then smoke them to render out excess fat and provide some smoke flavor, grill them for an epic char, then pan fry them for skin that is so crispy it breaks like glass. And the sauce? The perfect combo of sweet and heat.

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