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We can’t stop watching Lizzo indulge in TikTok trend of eating mustard on Oreos

The "Truth Hurts" singer seemed to enjoy the unusual mix of flavors, much to the internet's horror.
Lizzo's deadpan reaction to the unusual flavor combination had fans concerned and laughing.
Lizzo's deadpan reaction to the unusual flavor combination had fans concerned and laughing.lizzo/ Tiktok

The internet is reeling after Lizzo posted a video of herself trying an alarming food combination of mustard and classic Oreos.

Lizzo is far from the first person to try the combination, which has been going viral online for the past few days, but unlike many users, the "Truth Hurts" singer actually seemed to enjoy the jarring combination.

“Tiktok made me try mustard & oreos,” Lizzo wrote in the caption of a video on her TikTok account.

The singer shared a clip of herself wearing a patterned T-shirt sitting at a table as she squirted mustard on top of an Oreo.

After eating the cookie in just two bites, Lizzo looks contemplative for a moment before reaching for another Oreo. She twists it open and adds mustard on top of the cookie's frosting this time before sandwiching the Oreo back together and eating it.

Fans were shocked to see the star go back for seconds.


"I think she enjoys it im scared," added another.

"NO PLEASE why she going back for seconds no," said a third, along with a weeping emoji.

Not everyone was horrified by the mix: Some fans thought that there might be something to the unusual combination.

"Wait…Does it taste good?" asked one.

"Literally fighting the urge to go buy oreos rn just to try this," added another.

Other TikTok users suggested even more outrageous combinations, like Oreos and sour cream.

While the combination might seem out of the box, it's not the first time Lizzo shared a video of herself eating that baffled viewers: In September, she went viral after revealing that she ate burritos by taking a bite from the center, instead of starting at the end.

The singer joked that it was "the elite way" to enjoy the meal.