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Munch on these! 13 best Halloween costumes for food lovers

Scrounging for a Halloween costume this year? Just dress up as your favorite food!
/ Source: TODAY

Don’t feel like getting political with your Halloween costume this year? We don't blame you.

In 2017, the most sizzling Halloween costumes will be served up for two. So, if you’ve been hungry for a sweet or spicy ensemble, no worries. We cooked up some appetizing food-inspired looks for you and your main squeeze. Couples with “good taste” will surely get a belly laugh just feasting their eyes on these adorable combos.

1. Hotdog and Bun Costume, $54, Amazon

Hotdog and Bun costume
Uzzolino, Marisa

Relish in the attention with this bun-and-wiener combo. This polyester hotdog tunic and bun dress are perfect for foodies who want to hit it out of the park this Halloween.

2. Bacon and Eggs Costume, $50, Spirit Halloween

Bacon and Egg costume
Uzzolino, Marisa

Feeling sunny-side up this time of year? It may be time to bring breakfast to life with this grease-inspired costume for two. A salt-and-pepper headband is included. All that’s missing is a good cup of joe.

3. Wine and Cheese Costume, $50, Amazon

Wine and cheese costume
Uzzolino, Marisa

Wine and cheese always make the perfect pair. Uncork a good laugh at your next Halloween party with this cabernet-and-Swiss costume. The only thing you’ll have to figure out is who will, um, cut the cheese.

4. Nestle Nerds Box Couples Costume, $38, Amazon

nerds costume

More of a nerdy pair? This candy combo is for you. Odd, lovable and tangy, our trick-or-treat favorite from the '90s is now available to wear. It is also the perfect way to be extra close to your sweetheart this Halloween.

5. Three-Piece S’mores Costume, $60, Spirit Halloween

Smore's 3 piece costume
Uzzolino, Marisa

If you've got a hot third wheel, you may as dress up as this classic campfire treat. This sweet costume set comes in three delicious pieces: a toasted marshmallow, yummy chocolate bar and honey graham cracker.

6. Oreo Cookie Costume, $40, Amazon

Oreo costume

Forget the basic chocolate chip costume and morph into cookies-and-cream instead. This adorable Oreo cookie costume for two is designed to be sweet. With this look, the only tough part is deciding who will be the yummy frosting.

7. Taco Costume, $72, Amazon

Taco costume

Who says Halloween can’t be a fiesta? With this choice, amigos can become a traditional Mexican dish. The set comes with one taco dress and one taco costume. Only bummer? Sour cream and guacamole are not included.

8. Snap, Crackle, Pop, $25, Amazon

Snap Crackle Pop
Uzzolino, Marisa

With this costume, you and your friends can re-create your favorite childhood cereal: Rice Krispies from Kellogg’s. The accessory kit comes with one headband, two sets of three buttons, two scarves and two hats.

9. Peanut Butter and Jelly Costume, $42, Amazon

PB&J Costume

What better way to show you are a perfect match? This Halloween-ready costume is served up for couples with an appreciation for the PB&J classic. The bread tunics slide easily over clothes and are a nutty look.

10. Sriracha, $40, Amazon

Sriracha costume courtesy of Target
Stuart Goldenberg / Target

The condiment continues its reign as a cultural phenomenon, with bottles of the spicy chili pepper sauce now available in adult and kid sizes.

10. Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, $33, Amazon

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Costume

A whole new generation now knows the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, thanks to last summer’s "Ghostbusters" movie (that our own Al Roker had a cameo in!).

11. Corn on the cob, $48, Halloween Express

Cornhusk Halloween Costume
Halloween Express

Want to make a statement about genetically modified organisms? Or just be plain corny? This new corn costume has silks and all.

12. Willie Wonka, $28, Pure Costumes

Willie Wonka costume
Pure Costumes

Pay tribute to Gene Wilder this year by dressing yourself or the kids up as the ingenious chocolatier.

13. Colonel Sanders, $15, Pure Costumes

Colonel Sanders Costume
Pure Costumes

Every so often, someone thinks they’ve hit on the KFC secret recipe of 11 spices, as the Chicago Tribune did recently. In a nod to the leak, pick up a red-and-white bucket and complete the look with this Colonel Sanders wig and mustache.

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