Munch on these! 13 best Halloween costumes for food lovers

Don’t feel like getting political with your Halloween costume this year? We don't blame you.

It’s much more pleasant to dress up like your favorite food. Pinterest reports that food costume searches are up 47% on Pinterest year over year (2015 vs. 2016). Because, pizza. And tacos. And cereal.

If the DIY route isn’t your thing, don’t despair — the costume industry, of course, has you covered. Halloween Express has noticed a 17 percent hike in food and beverage costume searches, Brad Butler, a spokesperson for the site, told TODAY Food. And as of now, the top five list is randomly healthy: Grapes, Lemon, and Bananas are currently the three top-selling food costumes on the site, followed by Milk and Cookies, and the Hot Dog.

You’re not too late, either, Butler assures us — most of us buy our costumes in the 10 days leading up to the holiday.

Here are some very 2016 food get-ups that caught our eye:

Baby Burrito

Too cute to handle, but not too hard to make.

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Sriracha, $39.99, Target

The condiment continues its reign as cultural phenomenon, with bottles of the spicy chili pepper sauce now available in adult and kid sizes.

Stuart Goldenberg / Target

Tina or Linda from Bob's Burgers, $47.99, Halloween Express

For burger lovers or mother-daughter duos, going as Linda and Tina from Bob’s Burgers would be a clever choice.

Halloween Express

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, $49.99, Target

A whole new generation now knows the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, thanks to this summer’s Ghostbusters movie (that our own Al Roker has a cameo in!).


Froot Loops

Pour some sugar on me!

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Corn husks, $47.99, Halloween Express

Want to make a statement about GMOs? Or just be plain corny? This new corn costume has silks and all.

Halloween Express

Sexy Pizza Rat, $91.95, Yandy

YouTube’s Pizza Rat first came to fame for dragging a whole slice of pizza up subway stairs. Now, there’s even a "sexy" costume version of a costume in its honor — which, we have to admit, looks pretty comfy with the pockets and all.


Willie Wonka, $27.95, Pure Costumes

Pay tribute to Gene Wilder this year, by dressing yourself or the kids up as the ingenious chocolatier.

Pure Costumes

Colonel Sanders, $14.95, Pure Costumes

Every so often, someone thinks they’ve hit on the KFC secret recipe of 11 spices, as the Chicago Tribune did recently. In a nod to the leak, pick up a red-and-white bucket and complete the look with this Colonel wig and mustache.

Pure Costumes

Cookie Monster

Complete with basket of cookies you can munch on all night! That's good enough for me.

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Cap’n Crunch, $31.68, Yandy

Rather be a Captain than a Colonel? Get on the cereal-costume bandwagon with an unexpected take: an, um, sexy Cap’n Crunch.


PB&J, $34.95, Pure Costumes

And because you can't go wrong with a classic, why not go as a peanut butter and jelly couple, joined at the hip?

Pure Costumes