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Food blogger Gaby Dalkin is pregnant after having 4 miscarriages in 18 months

Dalkin and her husband opened up about their struggle with infertility last year.
The food blogger and her husband are expecting their first child in 2021.
The food blogger and her husband are expecting their first child in 2021.whatsgabycooking/Instagram
/ Source: TODAY

Pretty soon, food blogger Gaby Dalkin will be cooking for three!

The chef behind the blog "What's Gaby Cooking" just announced that she is pregnant with her first child, and shared the news in the cutest way.

"Cooking up something very special - should be done sometime in 2021!" the blogger, who has appeared on TODAY, captioned a photo of herself cradling her baby bump.

The news is especially exciting for Dalkin and her husband, Thomas Dawson, who opened up about their struggle with infertility last year, revealing that they'd experienced four miscarriages in 18 months.

The chef and author addressed her journey to pregnancy in her Instagram post, writing "What’s that saying…. 6th times a charm? 😂 All kidding aside, @whatsthomaseating and I are so excited to welcome this little nugget into our family!"

Dalkin's friends and followers were thrilled to hear that she's expecting a little one and flooded the comments section with their notes of congratulations.

Entrepreneur and restaurateur Kyle Noonan commented, "BUN IN THE OVEN!!!! YES!!!!" and television host Louise Roe wrote, "So so happy for you, you’re going to be the best Mum and Dad ever! ♥️"

Food blogger Jocelyn Delk Adams, who appears frequently on TODAY, said she could relate to Dalkin's fertility journey, writing: "Oh congratulations!!!! And I know that struggle so my baby is even more special for me. Blessings to you."

Dalkin's husband announced the news in a more comedic way, sharing a short video montage of his wife napping on the couch. "Welp, I guess now we know why @whatsgabycookin has been napping so much," he wrote.

Dalkin told TODAY Food she was thrilled to share the news with her followers, but also pretty nervous.

"After miscarrying so many times, you get it! We've been holding this one close to the chest," she said over email. "But so thrilled to finally let my extended What's Gaby Cooking fam in on the news!"

The mom-to-be also sent some love to other women who might be having trouble getting pregnant.

"You're not alone!! It's not a straight road and there are so many twists and turns, but it will happen when the time is right!" she said.

So far, the chef hasn't experienced any pregnancy cravings, but she's interested to see if she does at some point.

"It's so weird. But I'm pretty free about letting myself eat anything and everything I want pre-pregnancy so I guess it's par for the course?" she told TODAY.

Dalkin isn't the only celebrity chef to open up about her struggle with infertility. Food Network star Katie Lee, who welcomed a baby girl last week, has also been open about her experience.

“When Ryan and I got married, our plan was to start a family right away. I couldn’t wait to get pregnant! I naively thought it would be easy,” she shared on Instagram in 2019. “I’m a healthy woman, I eat a balanced diet, exercise, I don’t smoke. Ryan is the same. But reproductive health is an entirely different ballgame."

At the time, Lee shared that she received multiple messages a day asking her if she was pregnant or asking why she wasn't yet.

"When people ask me when I’m getting pregnant, it hurts. It’s just a reminder that I’m not...We will keep working towards it," she said. "Someday we will have our happy new beginning and I pray any of you experiencing the same will have yours too."

And much like Lee, Dalkin will soon realize her own dream of becoming a mother.